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ATG Tape Guns

ATG Tape Guns

Many of you have been asking me what an ATG Tape Gun is. Here are the two I use on a daily basis. The red houses 1/4" adhesive and the yellow 1/2".

I use it to adhere paper to paper, ribbon to paper, metal to paper - it has an amazingly sticky surface. I am pleased as punch to tell you that my cards no longer fall apart Ü

I know that if I don't put this information here I will get 100's of e-mails so here is the link to where I purchased mine. Be aware that when the package arrives on your doorstep you will get a really good laugh. It is an enormous blob of bubblewrap - LOL! No box - just bubblewrap, but it is well protected and so don't be overly concerned when you first lay eyes on it Ü