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IKEA Ribbon Storage

IKEA Ribbon Storage

IKEA is my favorite place to find solutions to my storage nightmare. These little "trays" I found in the kitchen storage area. They fit the bolts of May Arts ribbon perfectly! It is so easy for me to just take out the bolt I need to use and then drop it right back in. I wish that I had more place to hang these, but being that my space is limited I have my most used ribbons in these for easy access.

Baskets are another of my favored storage solutions. The big basket has my background stamps in it. I don't use the boxes for storing these, instead I printed labels for the ends using my trusty label maker and it is easy peasy pulling out the background I need.

As you can see my big, heavy tools sit on the shelves beneath as well. Xyrons, Rubicoil, etc. I like for things to be within easy reach and not have more than a step or two to access. It makes it so much easier and quicker to work!