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Yep - this is my disaster area. I HIGHLY dislike the hodgepodge that exists over here. I dislike stacking and unstacking things to access what is below and so this is the area I hope to "Make Over". There are aspects of this space that really work for me and so those won't be changing, but all the hodgepodge needs to go! I need better ink pad and accessory storage and so the arrival of the Craft Lockers can not happen soon enough!!!

What is working for me are the Crop In Style trays. These work GREAT! I don't like the color (nothing against purple - other than I do NOT like the way it looks in my red room - LOL), but to be able to pull the tray out that I need and then be able to reinsert it WITHOUT dislodging anything else is mahvelous!

Hopefully this will soon be an after photo Ü Comparisons are good I do believe.