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IKEA Counter Surface

IKEA Counter Surface

This has been one of the best investments I have ever made. This stainless steel unit is from IKEA's kitchen collection. It is amazingly sturdy and the fact that it is 36" high means I no longer need to bend over to do my cutting, scoring and punching!!! Let me tell you how important that can be after many hours of getting ready for classes etc. I highly recommend having a work surface that is counter height! I LOVE IT!!!

The following tools are always in place on this surface - Carl Cutter, Scor-It, Power Punch and Sizzix. My little cutter follows me around Ü

The little bear is a gift from my girls! You will probably notice many little stuffed animals sitting around my work area. This is my daily reminder of how much my kids mean to me (and how much I mean to them). These are constantly being rotated, but a few I do believe have found a permanant home in my office area.