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July 31, 2010


Birthday Wishes

Inspiring cards. Great work!


Beautiful work dear.

cookie sheldon

What a lovely project.

Yes VALUE your MIL (mine has since past but I miss her dearly). and FAMILY. My Mom iss still alive, 92 years of age, but has dementia. So I visit with her as much as possible and value any time I spend with her. Family and love are the most cherished.
Cookie Sheldon
Independent Longaberger Consultant


Geez, how much more beautiful could this card be? It's wonderful!

Allison Priputin

I love your art, your website, and your willingness to share your life with us -- thank you!!

Dunlap TN


Ellen this is exquisite - so feminine, charming and beautiful. Your eye for color and detail never disappoint me. And your creations always inspire me to try something new.

You and your MIL are both very lucky ladies. I too have a loving relationship with my MIL that I cherish, especially since I lost my own dear mother to cancer 27 years ago.

I'm happy that you and your family are recovering from your your summer of assorted illnesses. Take care of yourself and your family first - ALWAYS!

Hugs, -mary


I am blessed as your are - my mommy and mommy-in-law love me as much I love them.

Happy to see you're all healthy again. Hugs.

Eileen M

Wow, beautiful! I think the dimension really shows in your images, those tiny flowers look so real!

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