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June 17, 2010



I am still loving my Ritz glitter. Even just one strip on a card adds so much. Thanks for the revisitation to this technique.


For Ellen...I realize this is a year late to your question, and Im sure you have found the best technique...but I found this information and wanted to share with you just in's the link...


I just started really playing with glitter last weekend - so I was so happy to see that you are too. You always have so much thorough information, set out in such a logical and helpful way. You haven't addressed the problem that I am having yet, so maybe I am just being impatient, but I am hoping that you will be looking at using stamps and glitter in a future post. PLEASE? I have been trying a number of variations of stamping with a glue pad, and "attaching" glitter. So far, the image looks great when it's freshly glittered, but once it is handled at all, the glitter comes off. Can you advise if there is a better way to do it, or a better product to use?
Thanks Ellen.

Cathy Hughes

I love glitter! I hope you give details later about the coloring of the is so pretty.


Debbie Olson

This is just lovely, Ellen!


Wow, this is beautiful! Thanks for the tip about burnishing the glittered tape.

Julia Stainton

This is stunning Ellen! Can't wait to try some!


WOW! Beautiful!

Lisa Silver (Silvergirl)

Really stunning, Ms. Ellen! I just adore the bold colors and the glitter embellishment!

hugs to you,

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