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April 07, 2010


Vicki R (OH)

Coincidentally I had just received some of the Hero Hues paper & chalk ink today for the first time, and Very impressed!
I like the weight, and the white core.
I've never used Memory Box, but Loved seeing your comparison of Hero Hues Daffodil to the MB Squash, and would like to see more color comparisons -- I may decide to use both of these Fab cardstocks togehter in the future!
Thanks for the chance to win some candy

Rebecca Ednie

I've not used either of them. I would be interested in a sampler of both!

Kim C.

First let me say what a beautiful card this is. I too haven't used their cardstock but I can see how helpful a comparison chart would be. I am very envious of your time at RU.

Diane Welch

I would love to have color samplers just so that coordination with other paper and materials such as ribbon and embellishments that I have on hand already would be more accurate. Great idea, Ellen!


I have not used either the Memory Box or Hero Arts papers (yet!), except for some Memory Box patterned paper. I would not need an online color comparison, but I agree with others who would like a sampler of the papers from each line.


Thanks for another great tutorial! I have used the Memory Box paper I purchased from you and enjoyed it! Personally I would love to buy a color sampler from both companies and have it in my own little hot hands. Color is tricky enough let alone over the computer : ) But if there was a computer comparison I certainly wouldn't turn it down. Thanks for the chance to play!


Love your step by step instructions, very clear and easy to follow. The idea of the cardstock comparison would be very helpful and I do like using card stock that is white on the inside. After seeing your technique of sanding so the impressions show through makes it even more exciting to use this brand of cardstock. I will definitely need to purchase some additional colors. And who doesn't love the chance to win some "candy"!

Michelle In Mi

So much good information on today's blog- and then a chance to win some Candy? WooHoo!Love all the new Hero Arts products-you showcase them well with your creations!


Love that paint resist technique I am going to have to try that.

Jane T

I have only used Hero Arts stamps in the past, but would welcome a comparison chart. I am not to good at putting colors together and any help is appreciated.

Cindy Holshouser

I rarely use either line of paper. I do, however, love both company's stamps and own several. Thanks for sharing such great techniques and for the discount.

rebecca keppel

Gorgeous card and I love the techniques you showcased. I've only used the Hero Arts collection so far.

Ann I.

I have both Memory Box and Hero Arts stamp collections. I have some older sets of the HA card packs and the same with the MB cards. I like the thickness and quality of both companies' papers. Color comparison? I just buy what I like :)

laura Webb

I have been eye balling the Hero Hues paper and ink but haven't used them yet. I wouldn't need a comparison chart but it may be useful to some people. Thank you.


I only used the Hero Arts collection, so I guess for me it won't be helpful... Thanks for the chance to win this colorful prize. :)

Judith Cobb

A comparison would be great! Thanks.

C Burke

I haven't used either company's papers but would like to see a color comparison which I think would be useful for anyone who wants to order them.


I've only used Hero Arts and Memory Box stamps. I haven't tried either company's papers yet. I'm sure plenty of people would find a color comparison useful, although as has been pointed out, the colors on the screen are seldom accurate. But it would give us an idea of what the colors might be. Thanks for the chance to win some of these wonderful products!

Carol B

I think it woul be wondeful to have color comparisons of the Hero and MB cardstocks! I am always making my own, but I would't mind buying one instead.

Nellie Schuurman

I have used the Hero Arts Stamps and love them lots. A comparison chart would definitely be helpful. Thanks so much Ellen. Hugs, Nellie.

Verona H

I have used some of the Memory Box Cards, but only Stamps from Hero Arts. Don't feel it necessary to do the comparison. As most say, it is different on the computer screen. Colors are even different in different rooms of my house, depending on the lighting.

Linda C.

I use Memory Box papers & would not be interested in a comparison chart.

Tricia Dee

Great card, Ellen! I've only used the Hero Arts stamps, not the paper.

Cathy A.

Hi Ellen...thanks for asking about the color comparisons. For me, this would not be necessary. I have some of the Memory Box colors and intend on also getting the Hero Arts colors. I can never have enough! Thank you for carrying both of these lines, especially the Memory Box, as they are not easy to find. Also, thank you so, so much for listing all of the coordinating Memory Box colors that go along with the 6X6 pads. Now, if we could just get Dave B. to put together color swatches for sale then color matching for some of the older or retired 6X6 pads (which I have many and still use) would be easier.


Yes, Ellen, it would be helpful to have the color listing/coordination. Also I would like to know the weight of the cardstock. Some are heavier and make good card bases while others do not. I have not used either of the two brands. Thanks!

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