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February 22, 2010


Jenn Cornell

Oh I hope your birthday wishes come true! You are truly an inspiration. I've given up on setting goals and am working more on living in the moment... less disappointments that way.... especially for a procrastinator like me!

Mary in Chicago

Happy Birthday Wishes To You!

Debbie G

Happy Birthday !!! Love the necklace.It's so pretty. My dream would be to start my own business.

Jane T

My heart is light when I get to be with my darling great-granddaugther, Zoey. They live off from here and each moment is wonderful when they come home for a visit. Belated birthday wishes. I think the necklace is gorgeous and I look forward to your tutorial.


Happy Birthday Ellen. My wish for you is that this next year of your life will bring you great joy and happiness. My wish for me is that I will live another year and cherish every moment. Blessings to you.


Happy Birthday, cool pendant!

Lynda Marquez

Hi Ellen, Happy Birthday! My dream for this year is to find a new workplace that feeds my creativity! I am very inspired by the work place that you have created for yourself - you are a bit of a "role model" for me! Have a lovely and creative year!


Happy Birthday Ellen!
I hope your wishes come true!
Your creation is just GORGEOUS!

My wish is that everyone show everyone else a bit of kindness!

Elizabeth S.

Happy Belated Birthday,Ellen!! I am so glad that you were able to get in your craft room. I love seeing your work, it is so amazing!

Stephanie Z.

Happy Belated Birthday! Birthdays are wonderful even if you get older. I do hate hearing from my doctors that what you have is age related. Recently, I had a case of shingles - who knew when you were young that chicken pox just kept on giving. I'm feeling so much better now and I'm off to have a great day! Take care :)


Ellen, your creativity never fails to amaze me. As for my year's wishes.....its to have good health (physical, emotional, & spiritual) for me, my family, and friends. To be given opportunities to serve in the way in which I was created.
Love you, Ellen!!!


"to do/make something special on your birthday like this pendant is any crafters dream. In Holland and Belgium we crafters dream of having fun like this aswell. I simply like the old touch it got by being NOT perfect (as I am). Lots of fun in your studio this year! " from Angela S.


Happy belated birthday Ellen!

My dreams for this year?
(1) I want to be more aware of the needs of my family and friends.
(2) I would like to be as strong and productive as I was 5 years ago. I’m determined to be back in my garden by summer showing it the love it has sorely been missing. Not only will my flower garden be more beautiful, my mental attitude will be more positive.
(3) I want to be more productive in my studio – to actually take all the creative ideas swirling around in my head and produce tangible results.

Ellen as for your birthday wishes, it is my opinion they have all come true.

I would love to win your beautiful necklace simply because it is a little piece of you. It would hang in my studio beside all of your beautiful little thank you notes.

Hugs, -mary

PS: “Never criticize your own work – others will be happy to do that for you.” LOL!

Beth S

Happy Birthday Ellen,
Thank you, I feel you make a positive difference in my life, and others who follow your blog. As a resulting ripple make a difference in the world. It's a better place.

Wishing that all of your wishes come true, again Happy Birthday!


Hope your birthday was splendid! Love the pendant, the colors are so elegant!!

Just this week, our son has decided to show a little extra love to me - probably since I haven't been feeling well. Sunday night he kissed my cheek 4 times - that's unheard of for a 10 yr. old boy! :D Sure made me smile!


Happy Belated Birthday Ellen! I love what you created...and love it's rustic reminds us that we don't have to be perfect to be beautiful :)
Spending time with my husband makes me happy. He recently helped me create an awesome craft I can do something that also makes me happy...crafting!



Happy Birthday! What a nice thought to have a giveaway in honor of your Birthday. Isn't that in reverse? Shouldn't we be showering you with gifts on your Birthday. I love Birthdays!
My Challenge is to get back on my diet and lose 20 pds. by summer.
Thank you for putting my name in the hat for your drawing.


Hi Ellen...what a pretty piece you made..I love the color, rustic looking also..right up my alley.
I would love to see the tut on this.
My dream is to use all my make more cards and get them sent. That is what my goal is.

Darlene L

Happy Birthday Ellen. Mine is next week and I will be celebrating the big 60--ouch! This pendant would make a lovely gift to myself. I hope to get some craft time in today too.


Happy B-day!

A tutorial...I'm not sure I *need* another "addiction", LOL! But, truly, it is crafting that makes my heart lighter and my smile bigger!

L. Brown

It's so sweet of you to give something on your birthday. Your dreams are very worthy and I pray that they will become reality. I guess my greatest desire is to see my grandchildren become strong in their Christian heritage.

Dot Alcorn

Happy Birthday! I hope all your dreams come true!!

My dream is to be able to actually earn a living doing what I love...stamping/art! I would love to attend a Zentangles workshop and become certified.

Cindy J.

Yesterday morning, we got about 6 inches of snow. A neighbor lady built the cutest snowman. By the end of the day, everyone caught the "bug" and built a snowman, and now everyone's yard has one! It's just so cute an so uplifting! :)


My dear friend and sister: I wish you all the wonderful things the year will bring for you and your family. Your positive energy keeps me going in this business; so you do make a difference! "To know you,is to love you"...and I'm happy to say I you.


Happy belated birthday, Ellen! Rest assured that you do make a positive difference to this world and joy to others. My wish is very similar to the last part of yours in that I wish to raise both of my daughters to be kind, tolerant, strong, Christian women!

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