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February 22, 2010


Debbie W

What a beautiful piece of art to commemorate a great day. Happy Birthday, Ellen!


Happy bday to you!

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Congratulations for your new blog. I'll be looking forward to some interesting topics here, so I'll be sure to keep on coming back here. Thanks for sharing and Good luck.



Happy belated birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of blessing. What a lovely necklace, cannot wait to see how you did it. You are so talented.

My favourite thing is Saturday morning hugs in our bed, hubby and kids and I chat and laugh, brings joy to your bones...


Happy Birthday!!!Anytime I can bring joy to someone else I know I'm right where I should be


Hope you had a wonderful, dreamy birthday! Love the it.


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Congratulations. I also have a bday present for myself.. Doing some island hopping!


Happy birthday and the pendant looks wonderful.

Lorraine M.

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

Birthdays are funny. You always dread them (when you have time to think about them!) but we need to remember that we're never going to be this young again, and celebrate the moment. Hope you had a great day!

laurie hunt

Happy birthday Ellen! May you have the most wonderful year ahead!


Happy Birthday, Ellen! I suppose I have many dreams - mostly "simple" dreams. I hope to be loving and healthy my entire life. It's something I need to work on everyday.

Shannan Teubner

Ooh, wait!!! I change my wish to Broni's!! ;)

Toni Whitnell

It is my birthday on Feb 22 as well! Love the pendant! Hope you had a great birthday!


I hope your birthday was wonderful and the necklace is beautiful. I want to spend more time with my family and especially my grandkids because they continually make me laugh! We should all see the world thru the eyes of a "little person".


Wishing you a very happy birthday! My wish is to create something just for me -- an art journal, a piece of jewelry, or just a little inspirational tag.
Sorry if that sounds selfish; being a wife, mother, and grandmother is extremely satisfying for me.


I hope to be the winner of this necklace, just kidding. Really hopes and dreams I have so many. I would love to own my own business that involved being creative in some way. I'm really hoping that my daughter grows up to be happy, that's my greatest wish of all. Happy Belated Birthday.

Denise Bryant

Happy Birthday to you! The necklace is lovely, and I'd be thrilled to have it!
I need to make my heart lighter. I am trying hard to learn forgiveness, and that is not an easy thing for me. That is my hope for the year.

Shannan Teubner

First let me say that your "rustic" pendant is fabulous! It is the imperfect details that make our art so personal, don't you think?

In January I had lots of goals, dreams, wishes, and plans. That totally changed after losing my husband two weeks ago. I'd love to say I've got some lofty goals, and I do...I'm always a lofty goal kinda girl. But most of all, my goal for today is to be the best mom that I can possibly be. I want to help my boys through this awful time, but also be able to take care of myself as well. I want to be able to laugh, make new memories, and cherish old ones. And maybe even document them, in a scrapbook...heaven forbid! ;)

Karen Jones

First off the pendant is beautiful. Second, a happy belated birthday. I hope that all your birthday wishes come true.

Since my birthday is coming up, I have been thinking alot about my life and what I want for the past couple months. For me, it was first taking the plunge and quitting a job that I was not happy in and in fact was weighing not only me down, but also my family and friends around me. Second, I have decided to start my own business and follow my heart and my wish now is to continue to follow my heart and what I feel is the best thing for me and not for others. If we don't take care of ourselves and aren't happy, we certainly cannot take care of others.

I hope your birthday was wonderful and that all your wishes are fullfilled.
Karen J

acekard 2i

Sorry i am late to wish,But I hope you Had a really spiffy birthday and got to relax or go have some crazy fun with your family or just do whatever it is that YOU want to do today. And I hope you get to eat something great for your birthday, too. So even if you don't like cake, you should go have flan or sushi or something not typical to your every day life.


Birthdays are to be remembered, so I am glad this day has been for you! My dream? To see my children happy and maybe a grand baby or two. I also can't wait for my chance to retire and spend day after day fishing with my husband, watching our raccoon family, working in a veggie garden and growing old in good health! I know that may seem like a lot, but why not have BIG dreams?

Karen Pounds

I have the two most beautiful grandchildren God could give! that's what keeps me going! Thanks for sharing.

Diana W.

This may sound corny...I love the saying "Live the life you imagined" and I try to do that everyday.

Happy Birthday Ellen!


Gee whiz, I missed your birthday?? So sorry! Happy birthday!! The necklace is so sweet and beautiful!
My dream would be to retire to a tropical beach! In the meantime I really, really, enjoy spending time with my grandkids! They always make me feel younger!!

Kathyc on SCS

How sweet of you to share this pretty piece that you created on your birthday! So glad your day was special; My son and his girl are newly engaged and have announced a destination wedding in Key West next spring! My hopes for them are that they'll have smooth sailing through the next year as they make all their plans and that they'll be as blessed as my DH & I have been as we reach our 30th anniversary next week! (I got a keeper too!!)
Thanks Ellen,
Kathy Camasso

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