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February 14, 2010



nice..will i ever get george clooney if i give one of these? :)

r4i sdhc

What a wonderful card for your husband and love the sentiment you created for the inside.
I made this for valentines day, and it was hands down absolutely the beat dessert/cake/pastry we've ever had. Even better than anything store/bakery bought. And besides the fat content of the heavy cream, it's actually a fairly healthy treat, as far as ingredients go. It was way more than just the 2 of us could ever eat, so we gave some to a couple of friends. They both thought it was awesome, and the one wanted to know where to buy it...she thought it was from a bakery until we told her that I made it. Thanks for the recipe...will definately make this again.

r4i sdhc

Hey I really like your wings and I will also try to make like this wings as this looks very pretty.I think it also looks good in some different color.

Debbie Olson

Beautiful, Ellen!


What great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us.

chriss blagrave

What a wonderful card for your husband and love the sentiment you created for the inside.
Thanks for showing this crackle method to us...I had no idea!
Happy Valentines day.

Lisa Silver (Silvergirl)

Great card, Ellen! I love the crackle discovery! I'll be sure to try that little trick.


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