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September 02, 2009



I love what you did with this stamp. My dad doesn't have cancer, he has ALS, and I just emailed the text to him subsistuting ALS instead of cancer -- both such horrible diseases taking our loved ones from us.


Thank you so much for being a part of this! BIG hugs to you! Your cards are beautiful!! :-D


As a mother who has watched her child undergo cancer treatments which in the end took his life, I can tell you that just knowing that caring and thoughtful people are praying made a world of difference. Your cards will be appreciated by this family more than you will ever know. I still have a huge box of cards that was sent to my son during his 3 month battle with cancer. These cards are mainly from people I have never met - they are special.


Ellen, these are beautiful, creative cards for little Kate and her family. I know your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.


this is so beautiful! just made me cry! my father passed away from cancer and my mother survived it.......I sure would have loved to recieve that card you made for the parents!! beautiful!

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