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January 13, 2009


liannallama v

gorgeous cards!


What a lovely elegant card!

Chris R. from Iowa

Gorgeous card!!!!!! Enough said! Thanks for sharing.

Karolyn Loncon

So pretty! Loves me some bling!! I didn't realize that these gems were so versatile and have the ability to be re-shaped. Thanks for sharing this!

Kathy V.

Love the card, Ellen; but now I'll have that song running though my head all day! LOL

Any as far as your "style", I'd say diversity IS a style. At least that's what I tell myself when I cannot make the same card twice!


Great card Ellen! I remember that song like it was yesterday; they played it ALL the time!

Stephanie Leuenberger

Now I have flashbacks of Debbie sitting on her piano and putting her hand on her head - it was a commercial for records of some sort that played over and over again. I was just a VERY young child when that song came out. Now I know what to do with those blingy-things! I never thought I'd use the entire circle but I never knew I could cut them. Must have those, too! Thanks!

Linda Crowder

That is funny I love the card, but that song is eternal. I am 58!


PS: I LOVE your diversity. I can't define my style either. But why should we restrict ourselves to one 'look' or style when we're surrounded by artistic inspiration?

-mary s.


Ellen, this is fantastic. I've had the Chandelier stamp in my shopping cart since you posted the new MB stamps. Now I'll have to hurry and place my next order. Thanks for your beautiful artistic interpretation of Dave's image and the great card tutorial.

-mary s.

Sharon Harnist

Brilliant, Ellen -- love your blingy chandelier!

Cathy Green

I remember that song well! It was sung at my wedding 30 years ago. We're still married so it must have been an okay song!! And just so you'll know, it may have been 30 years ago, but I was only 2 when I got married. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Julie Campbell

Beautiful, Ellen! I love the little gemstones!

Elizabeth S.

Beautiful card!! Yes, now I have this song in my head.

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