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January 20, 2009



When I use more than one ink color on my stamp I employ the little daubers - this way the pads dont get contaminated (and the daubers are washable besides being cheep, so you can have one dauber dedicated to each ink color you own. Laos, they are so much easier to manage than the large full-size ink pad. I love what you did with these cards also.


Are they locking tweezers?

Debby Moreau

I can do my review now without even seeing the video Ellen. You were fabulous and gorgeous and a multi-talented genius. See that's how well I know you. Good for you girl. Keep on keepin' on.


This is stunning!


You Go Ellen!! You coloring Diva, you!! Congratulations!! I'll be looking for that DVD at your store!

Take care and STAY POSTIIVE!!

Kathy V.

The video should be wonderful! If we can't meet you in person, at least we've got the videdo! hehe. Seriously, I'm sure you passion will more than make up for any nervousness. Can't wait to get it. I really believe most of us learn best when we "see" techniques in action, and your techniques are always wonderful!


Wish I could see this one in person! Thanks for the tip regarding using tweezers to tie ribbon. Have fun at CHA!


Awesome card and wonderful post with all your great tips. Can't wait for the video. Have fun at CHA!


Wow, definitely looking forward to getting this video!! So cool :) when will it be available??


Love the tweezer idea. I don;t know I didn;t think of this. but sometimes the best ideas are so obvious and need to be pointed out by others. Thanks

Debbie (aka debbiedesigns)

Beautiful card AND exciting news! Congratulations on your video debut, Ellen! ;-D


Can't wait to see the video. Very pretty card. Love the tweezer tip, will have to try that.

Shawn K.

Congrats on becoming a video star! It couldn't happen to a nicer person. Thanks for sharing the tip for tying ribbons...I'm also all thumbs when I try to tie them and this works great.

Shawn K.

Nancy J

I love your card and the tips. I'll have to get my tweezers out and use them while tying my ribbons!

I'm so excited that you are making (or made) a video on using Copics and airbrushing! I'm sure you are great in it!

I have a question for you. I read somewhere that the cio copics CAN be used with the airbrush system with a little altering. Is that true?


Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

Oh Ellen! I can't wait to see your video! I know it will be wonderful, as you are genuine, kind and thoughtful instructor. And your smile is SO reassuring!

Hugs to you and all the best!


Ellen, this card is absolutely gorgeous and stunning! I love what you did with the cake. So pretty!!!!!!

a place for ink

The card is gorgeous, Ellen, but it's even MORE gorgeous IN PERSON!! It has just the right amount of sparkley-ness, the colors are simply sweet, and I love that you showed it to me today! :)

Many hugs,

Alli Miles

You are going to ROCK on the video Ellen. I look forward to seeing it.


Cute! And thanks for the tip about the tweezers, I will give that a try. I have lots of trouble with ribbon.

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