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January 10, 2009


Laurie in MN

Great looking chicken stamp and card.

I had fun looking at the classroom blog for the first time and stayed until I reached the first blog entry.

Kay Bray

As always, you blow me away with all of the 'special' thoughts you put into your creations! I learn SO much from you every time I read your blog! Thanks for this cute little hen card! I would never have thought to use her for a baby shower, but what a NEAT idea! Keep up the GREAT work ...

Kathy V.

Too cute. I'm not sure why, but Karen's images always makes me smile. And your touches to this little hen are just plain sweet. Rats, there goes my budget....


What a cute card... I love roosters and hens...


Karen Q

I agree with you, I love the chicken. I am not a folk art kind of gal but that chicken is adorable. Very cute card.

Cindy Key

I love this little hen with the chicken wire! I went through my country decor phase in the 80's but before and since, I've had a thing for cute chickens with chicken wire!
I'm going to have to get this stamp! She is just waaaaay too cute!

Karolyn Loncon

Absolute sweetness and light . . . love, love, love everything about this!! Thanks for all your hardwork - I enjoy every single one of your posts. Thank you for always sharing your talent with us in so many different ways.

Stephanie Leuenberger

Thanks for the button tip. I started using buttons and was attaching with glue and eek - messy! Glue dot - duh! Love the layout and design. That is one I'm going to do over and over - makes me happy! :)


Isn't that hen just the sweetest?! TFS!


Great chicken. And a whole new way to look at that background.


Ellen, this little hen and your card are adorable. You keep cranking out these awesome creations. Does your brain tick-tick-tick while you are sleeping?

-mary s.

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