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November 18, 2008


diane mcvey

Thank you for being so attentive, and saving us lots of frustration! You are awesome! I just love the look of these, I hope they get it fixed so we CAN buy them! :D


your honesty is refreshing!
thanks for watching our backs!


Thank you for your care and concern for your customers. I trust your site. That is why I always buy from you when I can.

Joan Day

Thanks for that information. I had wanted to purchase those. You have saved many of us the trouble of having to deal with the problem.


Ah Ellen, the perfectionist! :) You demand quality and that's why I ALWAYS visit your many blogs for advise and purchase from your store. You're pretty dang awesome! hugs


Oh No, Ellen,
I know how disappointed you must be. The Pierceabilities were your babies and you were so excited about their release. Shame, shame, shame on the manufacturer who did not follow the specifications.
On a brighter note, I have used many of my new Shapeabilities and Mega-Nestabilities and LOVE them. I took them (all nestled in their Magnetic Storage Books) to a week-end Crop at my LSS. I couldn't believe some of the 'girls' had never heard of Spellbinders. Well, they have now! I demoed them and was lucky to escape with all of them still in my possession! :-)
Thanks again for taking such great care of all your customers. No wonder we love you and your staff so much!


Well, I'm dismayed to say the least - I'd been coveting Pierceabilities for several months now, but I commend you on your quality inspection of incoming product and for the decision to not accept the shipment. Good for you! Thank you for maintaining the name of Ellen Hutson in good standing symbolic of nothing less than the highest quality. Bravo, Ellen!

Lydia Fiedler

Good for you - this is why I love your site.

Well that and the other 8 billion things I love. :)

Thanks for trying them out for us.


I agree with the others who wrote above. Absolutely, when Ellen puts a product in her store, she ALWAYS has done her homework. I have been stamping for many years and have never run into someone as thorough as Ellen. Let's hope that the manufacturer gets this fixed so that these are the quality that we have come to expect. I have really been looking forward to buying these, but I would have been annoyed to get them and then have them not work properly. Thank you Ellen for all you do, always.

Beverly A

It is nice to know that you are doing your own quality control checks of the products that you order and that you will not sell products that you feel are inferior. I believe that when you started your on-line store one of your goals was to offer quality products to your customers. I've always felt that if you recommended a product it must be a good one.

Rachel Brumley

Thanks Ellen for the information. I'm glad I decided to wait and purchase these items from you.

I first learned about nestabilities from one of the blog that I follow. That person (can't remember her name), said that she bought her nestabilities from you because you invented these little jewels That was why I decided to purchase mine from you and why I also purchased the wizard from you.

As Aimee previously said in her commenta, it's nice to have a seller you can trust.


Kudos to you Ellen for being so frank and forthright. I wish these could have been available - but I'd much rather wait on a quality product. Also, I appreciate the heads up because I probably won't order these from anyone else, as I'm sure the quality issues weren't limited to just your shipment.

I really appreciate having a seller I trust, and you are now at the top of my list for future purchases.

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