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October 19, 2008



I am so bad about not sending the card. I make it, but then I end up sitting it on the shelf and letting it collect dust.

Debbie Fisher

Ellen, I do make lots of cards and papercraft gifts for friend. This card is so sweet and I love tea! I will have to make up some of these to have on hand.


Working full time makes play time a challenge. What works best for me is to take some early morning weekend time and design some cards. I get out all the components, stamp them and make a pile. I can usually get everything ready for at least 6 cards. After dinner during the week, I take 15-20 minutes here and there to finish them and add them to my stash or put them in the mail. I don't usually have the time during the week to design the cards but do have the time to put them together. Hope this helps. I'm sure Susan will love the card. I know I did. Thanks for sharing.


Just beautiful. (and my FAVORITE tea!!)

For sending cards, which I think is very important, I use my Google Calendar. You can set up separate calendars for each part of your life and then choose to see all of them together, or view them one by one. I have one called just "cards" where I track cards I need to send and cards I have sent.

I also get up at 4:15 to answer email and write out notes to people before work. :)


Over the summer I did better (before going back to work/school) then I altered a Notebook, and in it, I sat down with the various Birthday lists for the month, and made one was so nice to check them off when I got done...since work and life in general is back to being crazy, not so much time to make let alone send them either...

Stephanie Sheridan

I would have to say that I think how I would want to be treated and then I do it. I have always been a giver and love to see the look on someones face when that little thing is done for them.

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