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September 25, 2008



Love the card Ellen! Too bad about the Spellbinders news... I wanted some of the dies for my Christmas cards which living over here in Amsterdam have to be done very early for my friends and family in North America. I guess I will just have to prepare what I can ahead of time and hope for the best. Thanks for keeping us updated.


I love this tree, and the card is gorgeous.
A bit disappointed in the new die delays simply because of putting in instructions, but nothing to be done about, right?

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

I just took a class with Karen (YAY me!!) and got this tree. Thanks for the additional ideas.:)

Debbie Olson

The bird tree is gorgeous, Ellen!

Sharon Harnist

LOVE this new snowy bird tree, Ellen, and can't wait to color it! Yours is beautiful -- love the bright colors and snowy accents!


I can understand it when a company delays a product due to manufacturing problems or unforeseen defects, but to delay it by another month due to a change in packaging doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I am certainly not an expert on something like this, but as a consumer I have to say I have been enticed to purchase the new labels dies, the pinked edge dies, etc. because of all the beautiful cards that the designers have posted on their various blogs. However, I have to say I am losing interest now. I am not sure how valuable it is for the packaging to include directions for use in the various machines...most people buying the dies already know how to use them; if they don't, there are many blogs giving those directions. Spellbinders could also have just published a small leaflet, or included a pad with the tear-off sheets by the display in stores (or the online stores could include this sheet with the order). Or, perhaps their packaging decisions should have been made earlier in the game. Not trying to be a complainer here, just not sure if it is a good marketing move on their part to hold up distribution for another month. I'm sure I'll buy some of the new product anyway, but my enthusiasm isn't as great at this point, which will probably cause me to buy less than I otherwise would have.


Beautiful card.


Cute card! Hey, since you have Spellbinder's ear could you let them know that a lot of us like to use the clear acetate their dies come packaged in to cut and emboss and since they've started printing directly on the acetate we can't do that anymore? Thanks!

Deb Neerman

Bee-you-tea-full, Ellen!!


Beautiful card Ellen! I love birds at a distance too !! :)


Love the card Ellen! I think it's probably Hitchcock's The Birds that makes you sort of terrified of birds coming at you!

Linda C.

Quite LOVELY! I can't believe we have to wait another month for those new dies!! Woe is me.....

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