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August 09, 2008


Rachel Hope

OKay...I'm sticking with my mouse...but no sewing...a mouse witch? :D


I'm totally agree with Dee(OkieDee)'s comment!! I can't wait the last piece of the puzzle ;)

Dee  (OkieDee)

Awww....a witch making her brew in the spell books. Love the puzzle idea...I will have to do that for the grandkids. Thanks so much. 8^)

Alli Miles

Looks like picnic stuff? Hot dog and condiments?

Pat S.
I'm casting my spell over you :)

Must be a very young witch...still using her books of Potions & Spells

Very cute!


I am sticking with my earlier comment, I think it is a witch making a witches brew. This has been fun, I can't wait to see the rest.


I just posted a comment in the Part 2 section. Gotta be the Twiggy paper. You definitely stamped on it though. The card stock just has the orangey leaves on the corner. Looks like you stamped some cheesecloth type stamp on there and some swirls. I have the Twiggy pack sitting in front of me! You sure like to torture us. You ran off to Tuff Shed and Ikea?! So let's post the next entry please!! I can't wait to buy these stamps. :-)

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