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August 09, 2008



A witch with a pot of witch's brew??


It looks like Karen came up with a new word stamp, the bippity boppity boo. The image looks like a stack of books, probably those books for witches brews & spells, one of those little bowls with the thing to mash up stuff that witches use looks like it is on the stack of books. I think you also used new Memory Box 6x6 Twiggy paper and stamped on it.

Gail S.

Halloween is just around the corner! I have a feeling it is a witch cooking up her brew!


hhmmmm is right...I'm thinking halloween related...Oh I am a sucker for halloween stuff

Tracy Durcan

oh wait... bippity boppity boo is the stamp and then you hand wrote the other part and signed your name. Maybe the product is a kind of pen?? ok.. I tried.


Definitely has to be something witchy brewing! Looks like it also says "Casting my (spell?) over you!"

There's a mortar and pestle & books! OOO!!

Tracy Durcan

ok... the sentiment must be something like... bippity boppity boo, I'm casting a spell over you. It must be a witch with a magic potion and spell books. maybe a cauldron. It looks like there might be some background stamps too. I'm not sure what the new product could be... hmmm.


Bippity boppity basting something for halloween toad eyeballs? haha don't know just guessing. Hi Ellen I'm always lurking. I hope you get the items entered in soon ya' never know what I might be needing. woohoo.

Rachel Hope

Hmmm, Bippity Boppity Boo is Cinderella???? I'm going to say...Mice w/ sewing stuff??? Wild quess


I think it's some spell recipe books and the bowl for Halloween theme.

Linda w

Is it our very own fairy godmother?


I think it is something Halloween related, like a witch making some witches brew. This is fun, thank you.

Diane Schultz

Bippity, boppity, boo...Could it be a witch in time for Halloween?


Well I know for a fact the bippity, boppity, boop comes from Cinderella because my daughter watches it regularly! I'm going to guess something related to Halloween, with a pumpkin and something bubbling over.

Phyllis Bolman

How about a pumpkin pie? And the buttons are new?

Linda w

Bippity, bippity my mind went dead. If I could only remember...............


I can't believe no one is playing. I am going to guess a turkey or something with thanksgiving prep. Maybe I'm just in the mood for fall. =) Thanks for the fun puzzle it. =)

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