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August 26, 2008


MaryAnn Grove

been there done that... but I love your funky card. Hope your trip was all you wanted it to be. thanks for sharing....MaryAnn


Great card! Is this a challenge? The layout looks familiar and I wanted to do it too! Thanks for sharing such a cool card!

Trena in Naperville

I'm already here, waiting for you. :o) Glad you had a nice trip. You were missed!

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!


what a fun and vibrant card!

Rose Ann

Welcome home!! I love your funky and fun card!!


Welcome back! I had to chuckle at your title. When I was little I heard my older sisters talking about going on a diet and I begged to go too! I think I'll pass on going crazy though. Been there.

Sharon Harnist

I'm right there with you, Ellen -- it will be nice to have an "official" place to go crazy, LOL!

becky olsen

I will meet you there, LOL!
That card is wonderful, and I have not a doubt that it will make Lesley's day to see it!
Hang in there, I think that most journeys are about how you get there, not just the destination...

Anne Lawrie

It would be nice to have someone to spin in circles with for once. ;-) Enjoy the crazy days, and don't forget to breathe!

Beth Davis

Welcome back, Ellen. Missed you. I have been spinning in circles lately, too, so you have company!

Kathy V.

Welcome back! Missed you!

By the way, just want you to know the "girls" do a fabulous job while your gone. You have a really wonderful staff, Ellen. Says a lot about YOU, methinks.

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