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April 14, 2008


CherylQuilts at SCS

This is one of the reasons I love dealing with Ellen Hutson LLC. Integrity! Thank you for being so upfront...and the manufacturer should have notified you...for sure. I have one of the smaller bottles, but it's fine. I agree...I'll probably never use all this same color. But it sure makes me think twice about buying more from them. Thanks!


You are one classy retailer! Thanks for keeping us updated! The smaller size doesn't bother me--I wish they were even smaller and maybe in some sort of easily stackable package. There really are too many in a bottle--I usually share with a couple of friends and then toss the bottle for an easier-to-store plastic baggie.

It is sad about the price increase, but if you didn't tell me I probably never would have noticed.


Grrrr....companies that do this make me want to pull my hair out! Yikes. That they tried to sneak this by you is so disappointing.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention though Ellen. We know it's none of your fault and understand your business decision. But on the same token, I'd rather spend $5.99 on a Copic marker than on Dew Drops! To me there is greater value in a marker than there is in these little drops, as much as I love them. A Copic marker has an indefinite lifespan, but when the Dew Drops are gone, they're gone. Bring on the Copics!!!


Ruth Gore

I love Dewdrops, and as many I have I purchased I haven't made a dent in my bottles! I have even given some away to friends, and you can still hardly tell any are gone. I use them often, too. So I think there will still be plenty in each bottle.


Honestly, it probably doesn't really matter to me. If there was a must have combo then the extra dollar would not sway my desciscion. As far as, decreasing the quantity, that is okay because you do get so...many in the current bottles. I know that it is becoming more costly to produce and transport items but I think that it is unfortunate that they had to both decrease the quantity while increasing to price.

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