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February 11, 2008


Linda Beeson

So much fun to see you for a minute and how is it that I forgot to stop by Spellbinders to see that new machine! I did get to Copic though!!! Thanks for that tip.


I went by the booth as well, and I asked whether the machine would be compatible with other mfg's dies. They told me that the Xcalibur is NOT compatible with Sizzix Original Steel Rule dies.

Marci K

Very interesting. I'll be curious to see this in action.


Thanks for the sneak peeks and can't wait for the Xcalibur...


I can't wait for the Xcalibur. I know that this machine will be perfect for those with disabilities and Carpal Tunnel. Thanks for sharing!


I have been holding out on a diecut machine..mostly because my arm and shoulder do not have enough strength to use one. I can't wait till you get one in your store..for ME! Of course, I will need some dies.....Thanks so much for sharing your excitement and I can't believe you had enough energy to fill us in on all these great details! I am sending good energy and vibes your way. Keep having fun and I am so jealous not being there. Janet in NC


crud--I think my comments got lost!

Love the handle the color and the drawer! Thanks for the CHA scoop!

diane mcvey

I can't get the XCalibur soon enough! How cool that's going to be! PLEASE get them in your store ASAP...I know you will! So exciting to hear what's going on at CHA! WOW! :D


Thanks for the updates...although...I'm not sure I like wallet is already empty!!! LOL!! I am stoked about more Nesties!! I still am trying to complete the previous ones!!!


Thanks for all of the info! I am looking forward to the new dies! Great post!

Ruth Gore

I want an XCalibur! I am happy that the hopeful price point isn't a lot more than the Wizard.
I have never had a die cut machine, and was picking one out when you came out with this news, so I am waiting!


Sign me up for one!!!
I have been using the Zipe mate and was considering buying the Wizard, but now I want this one instead. I already have my money saved.
Can't wait!!!


Thanks for sharing this awesome post! Can't wait to see what the future brings to papercrafting via Ellen Hutson LLC!!!!!

Lynn Mercurio

I was at the Spellbinders booth yesterday and out of all the racks and racks of dies, the new rectangle sets were what stood out for me. I can't wait to be able to order these!

MaryAnn Grove

I don't care what color it is-- if it makes my life and crafting easier, I will buy it.... Love the idea of the new Nestabilities.. Spellbinders seems to on top of everything. Thanks sooo much for sharing info MaryAnn

Rose Ann

Thank you for your report! Everything sounds so fabulous! Have fun!!


Wow! What a great price point..if it is in that price range then IT IS MINE! Woohoo! Now...onto your questions...

The color...I don't really care about what color it is. Function is more important to me than form.

Love that there is a drawer to hold the plates!

Love the handle! That will make it easier to store away and bring out when needed.

All the way around...a great piece of equipment!

Cheryl Sims

My gosh, how many die cut machines can a girl own? If I get the Excaliber I will have 4!! Thanks for all the information. I am excited also.

Linda Hofacker

Thanks for the update Ellen! Please tell all the Spellbinder girls the '07 DT is at home cheering them on!!!!!



New Nestabilities!!!! I can't wait, thanks for the updates. :)


Thanks for taking time out of your super busy schedule to keep us informed. I really appreciate it. Have fun! TFS.

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

I am so glad I have not bought a die cut machine yet... THIS is the one that seems to be what I have been waiting for!!!! Yahoo!!!
I would recommend having the handle at one of the ends, so it carries hanging straight down instead of at a perpendicular angle, that might put pressure on your wrist.. in case 'walking' some distance and if heavy (walk from parking lot to convention center for crop, etc.). I know, perhaps lame, but I'm all about comfort!!!

Dana V. (*danavee* on SCS)

You had me at "has a drawer to hold all of your plates"



Wow my dear! A whole load of news... I love the enthusiasm. It is what makes buying from you so easy in the end. Cannot wait to hear news on when those new products are in your store. Will there be a wait list? Have fun and keep the smiles and news coming!

PS - on the Excalibur the name sort of suggests metallic of some sort but in my book where the Cuttlebug rules fun colour is great and I LOVE the idea of somewhere to store the plates!


Thank you for making the time to post and tickle my fancy with the new toy! I'm not sure about the colors I am seeing today - is that like a rose red w/pink passion or pretty in pink? I don't care for so much of the lighter color on the sides of the machine and would prefer it all in the darker color. Just me, but what do I know? :D

Thanks again! Happy Trails!

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