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January 29, 2008



What systems does this work with?? Cricut? Or just die cuts like Sizzex?


Wow! I've been holding out on purchasing the Wizard. I do have the Bug, but I'd realllly like this baby instead. Any idea how much? When can we preorder it? I'm in!


I own a Cricut cutter - How will this differ? I always like to know about new machines! :)

Judy Giluk

Hi: I don't own a die cutting/embossing machine as yet but love the embossing I see on so many cards. What would you do...wait for this new machine, purchase the wizard, cuttlebug. I know nothing about any of these but am thinking I may need to invest in one. I don't want something difficult...easy does it for me. Thanks.

Keri Lee Sereika

OH boy....the pocketbook is getting thinner already!

Susan B.

Very cool! Can't wait to be able to get this. Thanks for sharing.


I must admit that I am disappointed after having just purchased the wizard - but feel this would be so much better. HOw much? Any discount for those of us who just purchased within the last year? Thanks!

Mary C. Anderson

I can hardly wait to learn more about this.



Very cool! And how much is this little baby gonna cost? That is the big question!

Marsha Carlsen

So, when are your going to begin the Preorder on this baby? I can hardly wait to hear more about it, order it, and get it on the way to it's new home. Sign me up!

Kerry Fitzpatrick

Okay...I'm ready to order this!!! Do you have any idea how much this will be? Can we pay now and get it as soon as it comes out in May??? Needless to say, I think this will be a biggy and a MUST HAVE item. So....can I order??

Dee (OkieDee)

Out with the WIZ? Wonder how it handles thickness with a motor? Lots of questions here. 8^)


This just looks cool!


Hot Dang! Now that is way cool...



Is this something that will cut and emboss with the nestabilities in one pass or do you run it through more than once? I don't own many dies except the nestabilities. Thanks!


KEWL!!!! I have been holding out for a Wizard...but may have to wait longer!!!

Colleen cool is this! I might actually get a die cutting system after all! hee hee


WOW! Looks awesome!


OMG!!! How cool is that? I really hope it does what it says! I could totally consolidate my die cutting machines and get rid of all those "sandwich" recipes!!

Queen mary

So this will be available after CHA? I can't wait either!

Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

OMGosh!!! This is amazing! Sign me up!

Thanks for sharing, Ms. Ellen.


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