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January 30, 2008



Hello, what ever happened to this product? It sounds wonderful.

Mary Franklin

It is now April and I am surprised there isn't more information available online anywhere for the Xcalibur.

I haven't been able to find anywhere, whether you plug it in, or it's battery operated or rechargable.

Any new information would be great!


Wow, this is amazing! Because I do not see an electric cord in the photos of the Excaliber I would like to know if it's electric or battery powered. Thanks for taking our questions and TFS.


I hope that the sandwich for Wizard dies is exactly the same sandwich as used today in the "classic" Wizard. I personally don't need to remember a different sandwich combination when switching between them. Please let us know if this is the case, as this, along with price, is a factor when considering the purchase. Thanks!

Rose Ann

What an exciting new product! I can't wait to read your CHA report on this!! Thanks for sharing all the details!

Micki Cline

I'm so intrigued with this.... my question-- since I THINK there is a motor in this, how loud (noisy) is the motor?? Let us know when you can check this out and answer!
Thank you,


I'm very disappointed - I just bought my Wizard in October and now they are coming out with a new model that sounds much easier to operate. I wish I had waited since I too am getting arthritis in my hand. It would be nice if there was a program that gave you a credit for the old if you buy the new.


Thanks for the info! I appreciate the time you take to keep us on the "cutting" edge!

Ruth Gore

I am excited about this machine! I have had tendonitis in my right arm for about six months, and using the arm much makes it flare up and get worse, and spread to my shoulder. This machine may have come at just the right time for me, because I have never owned a die cut machine and was just in the process of choosing one!


Will the 'sandwich' needs for the various dies (QuickKutz/Cuttlebug, etc.) be tested and listed for the Xcalibur by the time is marketed; or, is this something the consumer will have to work out?


I, for one, will patiently wait for you to fill us in on the new toy! I've got arthritis in my hands, too. I'll send you an e-mail on what I do about it.

Julie Campbell

I would love to know if this will cut and emboss all at once. Now that would be cool! I'm making a V-Line straight for Spellbinders' booth at CHA!!! :)

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