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January 20, 2008



The airbrush system? or the clear blender copic marker you mention? I dunno LOL. Great tutorial, great colouring. thanks, :)

Lynne Hurlburt

Thanks for the colouring lesson, I really need that. My guess is that you are getting the CUTTLEBUG in your store. I sure love mine and would recommend it to anyone. Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Debbie Olson

Beautifully done, Ellen! I'm guessing that it's been guessed! :-D (How's that for an answer?) Neon scares me. Your charming chair, however, does not!

Debby Moreau

Beautiful beautiful Ellen. I love those chairs too. Neon colours coming back? Well I'm glad I saved all that crazy paper.


I too like the others was wondering about something in the sewing/paper piercing line or CHF backgrounders. Love what you did with the chair!

Rose Ann

I love your card!! Your chair is gorgeous, and I love the paint effect!

I don't have a clue about the new product, but whatever it is...I'm sure it'll be fantastic!


Could it be little charms?? I hope so!!


Awww, man, someone beat me to guessing the CHF stamps. I have a few and love them!

Lisa Strahl

Yuck! Neon? :P

Rose Huffman

Love your blog and your store. I think it is sewing related like a sewing machine or rub on thread. Can't wait to see the next item I HAVE to have.

Kristyn Sinnott

Is it a template to make a line of holes so as to give the impression of stitching or you can leave it blank and just have the line of holes?! I know I don't have anything that I can use for this. The SU template is short and my lines never meet up right. Ummmmm. This is fun, though. Thanks.


Love the card!

I am thinking sewing...



Cornish Heritage Farms backgrounders. Must be that. You said something about it when Lisa came to visit you. But the way you stated it, it was like YOU were going to get some for yourself. :-) We have to wait until tomorrow?!

Pat S.

2 more possibilities:

something from the Melissa Frances line (proceeds go to breast cancer)


SuperNib from Masquepen...this looks like a product you would enjoy :)


CHF stamps? That would be wonderful!

Pat S.

Hi Ellen!
Beautiful the distressed look on the chair.

Is your new product rub-on transfers?

Viv (VivLyn)

What a fabulous idea! Great card!

Theresa Grdina

I am going to guess the sewing machine. I see you have stitching on this card and you didn't mention it in your "tutorial". I hope I got it this time!!!


Could it be the CHF stamps? I thought about it with the last post but felt it was just too good to be true! I love this card! You certainly achieved the goal of not letting the vibrant colors take over the rustic qualities of this sweet image!


Ellen, your creations ALWAYS knock me right off my chair! This one is no exception (although I think I fell off, looked at it again and then fell off again! lol)!!!
I've yet to try CHF products, but I am really intrigued by these backgrounders. I'm hoping that's your new line! Hugs!!!


It has to be the CHF Backgrounders!


Is it background stamps?


My guess is something sewing related. machine maybe. Cant wait to sse. -Molly B

Sue B

Are you going to carry the little Janome sewing machine? You've got stitching on both cards. I love that chair, BTW.

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