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January 22, 2008


I too have tried a few copics. Thanks for all of the stampin up references because that is mostly what I have and was hesitant to get copics because of the matching with my card stock as well as designer paper. But since you have made it easy to match, copics here I come.

maria ruiz


Stephanie Giles

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Copics. I am working more and more with them, changing DS paper and coloring images. Just need to build up my colours

Deborah Anton

Thanks Ellen for offering such a great collection of Copics and sharing your knowledge! These are simply the best markers on the market and I absolutely love how they blend. I have one backgrounder from CHF and just not used enough! Thanks for the opportunity!


I'm actually new to these Copics. I just placed an order for some and can not wait to use them. Of course, I've never used the Backgrounders, but would love to get the opportunity to use them. Thanks!


I LOOVe the Copics!!!
They are amazing.
You really need at least 2 colors
reasonably close in a blender family. I love picking up ink fom the rcher color with my lighter shade. Then blend it onto the pice of art. The "Blender" or as i call it"eraser" pen is wonderful as well.
I do need to test more inks though.
I have been using stayzon but still get occasional bleeding from it.

Have a great day.


How can I go about purchasing the Copic Marker sets from you? Can you please email me back, cuz I probably won't be able to find my way back to this site...thanks Vicki

Lori Fasi

Unfortunately, I have yet to try the Copics. Keep reading and reading and reading about them, but need to purchase some, as I indicated in an email to keep me posted on when they're in again...I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THEM. So winning this little package would be a great opportunity


Hello Ellen.
I have only used some copics. I do not have any CHF backgrounders, but have some of the SU background stamps that you had referenced earlier today. Thank you for the chance to win some great blog candy. Love your stamping projects and your blog!


I only have a couple of markers- but IWIA!!! ( I want it all) --waiting for my tax refund to come and then I'm a-goin' shoppin! :)


Hello, I love your blog... I have been wanted to try these copics for a very long time. Thank you for a chance to win some wonderful blog candy

JoAnna Rivera

What great blog candy!!! Thanks for the chance to win


I haven't tried Copic Markers. They're tempting, but too much for me. I do love CHF Backgrounders. I like the size of the stamp and the amazing number of choices that are available.

Julie Sokolowski

I have one backgrounder and I love that they offer them unmounted, to save $$. I would love to try the copics but since I wasn't very successful with the prismas and gamsol, I am afraid to invest that much moola only to fail again. I thought the prismas were expensive. Thanks for all the information though, I find it all very interesting.

Karen Lazar

I have not tried either Copics or backgrounders but I am getting ready to take the Copic plunge... Are sets 24A and 24B in stock?

JoAnn Bernard

I do not own any copic markers to date. I am hoping to rectify that soon...I am very impressed with the coloring and shading achieved with these markers. I hope I will be able to duplicate the talent.

Lila H

What a wonderful give away - I would love to have the new Memory Box paper pads!!! So, yes, I must admit I have Copics - several sketch. I love that I can easily color with the brush in even the smallest of corners and crevices. I also love that I can use a darker shade (on a plastic type surface) and pick up a little color to place on my project - oh and cannot forget about the airbrush..... CHF Backgrounders - hum.... well I was certainly enabled, have received several but have only had a chance to use one - my favorite - Lined Paper.... what a great place to start any project.


I haven't jumped onto the Copic bandwagon quite yet (I am not a big color-er), but I do have one CHF backgrounder... I went with the mounted version as they are such large stamps, but I will take your method under advisement. Thanks for all you do!

Crystal M.

Ellen, you are an amazing woman! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the work you've put into getting these sets of Copic Markers together. I just recently started my collection - 2 so far! And I apparently got the wrong ones! I may not be able to purchase the sets you've put together, but now I know which ones to start off with. Thank you so much!
~Crystal M.

Lisa Banks

I own 5 Copics and bought them one at a time at my local art store.They were not cheap buying them this way. There is nothing like them. I Love Copics...Thanks for all the Copic info..



I have one little Copic marker and have been itching to get more. I do love the one that I have though!

Donna Budnik

Thank you so much for all of the information you share with us. Whenever I have a question about a popular product I always come to your website to check your findings. I think of your website as a library for stampers as well as a great place to shop for product.


Lisa B

I have seen so many beautiful things done with the copic markers. I want to try them so bad! Love that you have them in such great sets. I'm going to order some!

peggy lee

Wow, Helen! I'm so appreciative of all the work you've done to help us out with info and answers. I've learned a lot from you as I read thru your blog. Thanks for all your hard work! Thanks for a fun give away too!!

Jennifer Hensley

Wow the work that you put into everything you do is amazing. Thank you for all you do. I have some copics, I just don't know really how to use them. I guess my first thing to do would be to put them together by their colors.... This might help.

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