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January 09, 2008



I purchased a Big Kick at Michaels for quite a bit less than my friend's Big Shot. Big Shot must advertise more often and for more money. My supposed conclusion is that Big Kick must be the "step child" of Big Shot for a lower price. Big Kick performs just as well with less "walking" as others have commented. B-Kick is my favorite tool along with my little Score Buddy for cardmaking.

sandy diminuco

Hello, I would like to know whete i can purchase this model. I want tp do metal this suitable for that? Also what is the price on it? Thank you, sandy

Ene Woods

I purchased a Big Kick at a much better price than my friend's Big Shot. It seems that her Big Shot "walks" around more when she it embossing than my Big Kick. She has to steady or hold down the 'Shot with her free hand as she rolls it through. My Big Kick is setting on a quilter's cutting mat which may be the reason it is more steady and doesn't "walk".Any comments or experience with this? My Big Kick is a favorite tool for sure!

Joan Bettati

Michaels told me they are not selling the Big Shot any longer, only the Big Kick. I am trying to decide between the Big Kick and the Big Shot, but not getting any really helpful information.


Please one more post about that.I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect


Ellen, I appreciate your info re: the Big Shot vs Big Kick. Being totally new to this craft,I am
learning a lot by experimentation and loving it. I was afraid that the Big Kick machine is inferior to the Big Shot, but not so.I find that it's a great little machine. Just not enough time to play!


Hi! I just bought a square shape nestabilities, and I'm having a hard time figuring it out! First to emboss, after reading Sandwhich 2, I tried it and I noticed that it cut into my black impression mat. Is that normal? Thanks for your help on this! You are awesome!!

Cathy Morrow

I am trying to make up my mind between a Quickutz Revolution and a Big Shot, to give me more options with my quickutz dies. (I already have a lot of money tied up in the quickutz dies). The Big Shot looks more solid, and they say it will work for my thin metal Quickutz dies with the Multipurpose platform, but what if I want to add the 12" long cutting mats? I assume you can't use the 12" cutting mats with the multipurpose platform.


I am trying to decide between a cuttlebug and a sizzix. I want it to be used mainly for embossing, and I won't be traveling with it. I don't want to be surprised when I buy it, so I want to know beforehand, what else will I need to buy when I buy the machine? To get it to start working? I was told today by a Michaels clerk that they were going to have a big sale coming up in the next weekend period, on all the cricut stuff, so watch your ads. She said it would be a Thursday - Sunday ad.
Any advice about the cuttlebug vs the sizzix will be appreciated plus what else I'll have to buy to make it work.

Kay Hough

I am trying to make the choice between a Big Kick and a Cuttlebug. I want it mostly for embossing. Can anyone tell me the difference. I know that I like some of the Cuttlebug embossing folders and traveling with it is not an important consideration. I just want the one that is most versitile and easy to use and can use the other companies stuff.

Terri Lackey

I just purchased a Big Shot. When I ran by die cut through the machine, it cut it on the paper but it also made an impression on the acrylic mat. Is this normal, or am I doing it wrong?


In order to emboss with the Wizard dies, I have been first cutting in my big shot, using the white Wizard spacer plate under the die, and then after cutting, I replace the spacer plate with one or two tan embossing mats. This is a real pain. How do you do the embossing?

Kathy scs kathat

I don't know if you'll read this far back and if not, I'll email you but are you saying I can use the magnetic mat with my Cuttlebug and just work on adjusting my sandwiches?



Thanks so much for the update. I'd used your recipe for the Big Shot with my Big Kick and as you already knew, it did work! I really appreciate your posts on the nestabilities!!


I have both the Big Shot and Big Kick and they are identical and work the same with the nestabilites. The Big Kick is only sold to mass market retailers.


Thank you for posting this! I have the Big Shot and had come up with a sandwich recipe of my own but this one works much better!


i thought that the big kick replaced the big shot when they 'repackaged'... i might be wrong, tho

Melissa Flieg


I have the Big Kick and can tell you that what you have posted for the big shot does in fact work in the Big Kick.

Hope that helps.


Amy G.

What's the difference between the Big Shot, and the Quick Cuts? Al lot of people seem to like the Big shot/ Big kick, and I asked my local scrapbook store lady today, and she didn't tell me much other than I should buy the quick cuts. grrr. any info would be great!

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