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November 27, 2007


Wendy L.

That was a fun project. I love those charms for wine glasses.
My special thing this past year is that my 15 year old dog is still with us. She is showing signs of aging, but still hanging in there.
Thanks for the blog candy offer...I hope I win!!!

Lisa Dickinson

So many specials for our family this year...we are blessed with a new baby
Our family had a whirlwind of activities from fifth child being born (high risk preg) to buying land and moving into new home...
Our kids are the 7th generation to live on their family farm which we are grateful to keep the family ties! Not yet a owner of your products hoping to soon!


Love the charm and the tin, they're great for a gift.
The most special thing in my life is my Family. Without them, I would be lost.
You're blog candy is awesome, thanks for the chance to win.

MollyK. Barry

I have two lonely sets of Nestability dies (scalloped ovals and scalloped rectangles) and I just "need" another! Thanks for your generosity! Having my cat to love this year has been special indeed to my life!


What a cute idea for wine charms! This has been an up and down year for me, and one of the best things is having been able to get back on track to fitness to improve a chronic health issue. I am so humbled and amazed by some of the posts here and I wish each of you an amazing year ahead in 2008!

Kathyc on SCS

Hmmm, my daughter has wine charms on her Christmas list..your beautiful project has me thinking!!! Something special this year is that our son graduated from college and landed a great job! It's not only special for him, but a fantasitc milestone for my husband and have put both our wonderful children thru college! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!


Love the charms.I NEED COPICS!

I became a first time mother this year.I am sure I will never top that special moment for the rest of my life!

Bethany Paull

Of course your project is awesome. I really like how you did the beading for the ring. And this year was special, because, for one thing, I got my first design team gig, with Verve Visual. Yippee!

Desi Wilson

Thank you Ellen for offering such a great blog treat!! I am absolutely most grateful and thankful to have regained my health. Thank God!!

Melanie aka Batgirl

Great tutorial! one thing special is my kids! they are just getting to an age were they can run and play togther! its so fun!

Lori Hofferbert

I love your projects and the inspiration they provide! I am thankful for the good health of my family this year.

Terry Kropp

Ellen I am grateful for the very fine examples of artwork in this cardmaking business. But as a beginner I am so overwhelmed with what I NEED to have to duplicate these fine examples! Any thoughts on what to do without breaking the bank!
I am also thankful for my three wonderful sons, one fantastic daughter in law, and three super fine grandsons.

Jessica S.

AHHH! What a generous bit o' blog candy you have here. Thank you so much!

This year, I am grateful for my Mum's improved health (after some serious medical issues) and all the blessings that have been provided for my family. That, and the never-ending patience of my DH. It's lovely to be loved!

Susan C.

You're wine charms are very clever. I may have to make some of those!! I think the most special part of this year is that my oldest son is a senior this year and is also about to earn his Eagle rank. I just look at him with amazement now when I see the incredible young man he has become. And while half my heart is breaking at the thought of him leaving home soon, the other half is so proud and excited for him and anxious to see him go out on his own and begin the path of his new life!

Rose Ferguson

Your charms are really cute as is your little box. I am thankful for my family and my two grandsons plus I found out I am going to be a grandma to a granddaughter next year.


Love the project!
I am thankful for all the new friends I've made and all of the old and dear friends that I have, and of course my family is the best!

Mary Jane

I am thankful for my family, but especially for the birth of my daughter in June. Thank you for sharing your projects, ideas and talent on your blog. I love reading it.
Mary Jane


Awesome job as usual! Thanks for sharing the ideas with us!

The best thing that happened to me this year was the reminder that it is not things that matter - it's the people you love & who love you back!!!

Pam Crandall

Love the wine charms.
I am thankful that my daughter and I continue to be closer and closer now that she is at college. Who would ever of thought that she would ever have wanted to talk to me soo much. Now I just hope that the same happens when my son goes. They are both very good kids but talking was never their strong point. And P.S. now that my daughter is Greek she does crafts and actually wants my help!

Deb Kelley

Love the wine charms, Ellen! I'm also looking forward to the SU coordinated markers - I don't suppose you expect them in time for the sale??

Many special things have happened this year - too many to single out - it's been a great year for me. I suppose if I had to pick one that I know you won't see in another post, I'd say my new HRT (LOL)!


Great project! The best part of this year is spending time with my nieces and watching them grow into great girls!


What a wonderful idea! I love the wine charms...definitely a project to try. One thing special that I did this year was go on a shopping trip with my 2 nieces. It was a great time...very interesting to shop with 2 teenagers, lol.


Great project - I love the shrink paper, haven't done anything with them lately - might have to pull them out again. I am grateful this year for alot of things - for my DH and my kids and the fact that we are all healthy and active (as in nonstop :). I am also Very Thankful that even though my Mom had surgery for breast cancer this oct. - I was able to be with her through it and the cancer was very small (1mm) so she doesn't need chemo or radiation.
Love visiting your site - thanks for all the inspiration!!


I'm always happy with the time I get to spend with my family.

I really like the project you made though. It goes with what my sis & I were talking about making not that long ago.

Tammy K

You always intrigue me by the projects you come up with ~ how do you do it??

My son graduated from High School this past spring. What a special time that was. Even tho I don't like to think I am old enuff to have a child in college.

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