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November 27, 2007



I am grateful that my dh survived his second open heart surgery and is enjoying good health once again.


I'm a brand-new visitor to your blog - looks like I've stumbled onto something WONDERFUL!! Thanks for sharing a great project (I love all things tiny, so this is right up my alley)

The best thing this year has been discovering an endless supply of creative inspiration among Internet groups and bloggers, as well as the formation of some great new friendships. Sappy, but true - I move so often that maintaining face-to-face friendships is difficult, so I'm truly grateful for a way to make friends with similar interests, without geographical limits.


you're right! It is a great project and I love the details you show for us!

My kitty is sick, but this year he outlived the vet's predictions, so it is special to spend extra time with him.


This year has been a CHARM for me with the discovery of so many wonderful tools and equipment to use in stamping ... Copics, Nestabilities, art, blogs ....... life is gorgeous!

Kaye W.

What cool charms! Makes me wish I drank wine! Love your blog and all that you do, keep up the good work!


I am so impressed! I just got this link from Trudee's blog, so I may be too late for the drawing, but I wanted to be sure to tell you that this is a great resource!


Amazing idea...gotta try that... One thing that is special about this year? I started stamping! I love this hobby and have fallen hook, line and sinker...thanks for enabling ;o).


As we're getting ready to come home on furlough after 2-1/2 years overseas, I'm really thankful for some great cross-cultural friendships. Look forward to the break from the strain of living in a foreign culture...but will be so glad also to come back next year after our time at home.

Great giveaway, and I'm loving your project!



Cute, cute projects!! I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend with a friend of our family. She was diagnosed with incurable cancer this week. A somber holiday season for us, but thankful for the times we have had..........


Linda Webb

Thanks Ellen for your wonderful creations and blog candy too. I have always wanted to try the nestabilities but I need to save some $$ first.

I am thankful everyday to still have my parents and family in my life. After my Dad had a stroke 4 years ago thinks changed in a big way. But he is still with us and I can still share are family times together.

chriss blagrave

What wonderful gifts these would make. I haven't worked with the shrink plastic in a few years, but your project is very interesting.
I discovered blogs only this year, I am so impressed with so many of them and inspired that I am seriously considering the same. Thanks for all of your great details all of the time. You really share and enable us!

Jean L

Thank you for the information on the little charms. Wish there was more time before the holidays to try something else new.
You are so kind to share your talents with others. I have just found your site and can't wait to look more.

Sharon (notimetostamp)

Oh, I love your project!!!! I find these home decor type projects so much fun all the time, and this one is just so lovely!!!! How creative!!! Special this year -- well, it's always a blessing when my family is all healthy and safe and I'm so thankful for that!!! It's also been a blessing to me, on a personal level, that I've been able to spend so much time stamping and creating this year, and that my DH is actually tolerating it quite well - LOL!!! Great blog candy -- someone will surely be lucky to receive it!!! Thanks much for the chance to win!!!!


The most special thing for me this year is the birth of my son. I never saw myself as the mothering type and therefore never planned on having children. God thought differently and in January I had a little boy. Even though I was deathly afraid up to the very SECOND that I had him and doubted that I would even be able to love him - the minute they brought him to me I just fell in love and couldn't imagine not having him. I still didn't know what to do with him, but boy did I love him! This year has been one of big changes and I've been learning all that mother stuff. He is the best surprise that I've ever received!


Love your awesome ideas, Ellen! I hope you're feeling better soon...we all hate being sick..ewww. (Hugs) What I'm most grateful for this year is that I have a terrific family and friends who I wouldn't know what to do without. Thanks for the anniversary blog giveaway!


Hi, Ellen! I want a chance to win them, but I don't know how to leave a message on yesterday's post! I'm feeling dumb! Will this work? smile - Big smile. Thanks, Jan (janmcnamara)

Your in Jan :D


An elegant, classy project! Thanks for sharing your talents with us, Ellen. :) I'm thankful, as always, for my family and friends...they've kept me sane this year throughout great upheavals at work. Couldn't have made it without them!


Hi, Ellen! I just love your stuff- you are one talented lady. I live in Northern (near Alaska) BC, Canada, and one day I plan to visit your store! Jan


So glad to see you posting again! You have such great projects. I'm grateful for my family, especially my wonderful and supportive DH.


looking forward to the sale!


These are absolutely amazing charms. I absolutely love your tutorial and I may just try something like this myself. Nifty little gifts that will please the peanut gallery. Thanks for the great blog! Love those giveaways too! Merry Christmas! Dorothy Freber

Melissa Flieg

I think the project is great Ellen. This year was special because my husband and I went to Las Vegas for a week alone and left our 3 girls (7, 6 & 3) with their grandparents. It was a great trip and was so nice to have a vacation alone for a change.

Debi Pippin

Ellen this is a great project as I am an avid beader as well as a stamper. These would make such cute gifts wrapped with a bottle of wine and glasses. Youre so smart!

The best thing that happened this year is my step daughter got married and my daughter got engaged and is planning her wedding. I am helping with invitations and the wedding dress. We went a few weeks ago and bought her dress. Brought tears to my eyes just to see her so happy.

Love the nestibles set that you are giving away.... sure would go great with our wedding planning being that they are hearts... Love is in the Air!
Thanks Debi Pippin


One thing special in my life this year - moving near my nephews and spending time with them :)

Thank you for your wonderful projects, blog and products!!

Donna Mc

Hi Ellen! I love all your projects! The wine charms are super cute...perfect for holiday entertaining! The most special part of this year was moving to a new house. We were a little nervous for our sons, but they adapted beautifully and have made new friends. One of my sons had to start a new school but he transitioned well. Yay!

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