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November 30, 2007


Rose Ann

It's great to "meet" you all! Thanks for doing all that you do! ;)

Tami McBeain

It's so nice to "meet" you all! What a wonderful group of friends!


Thank you, everyone!

Keep/get well, Ellen!

Jennifer N.

Hello, you wonderful ladies! I can personally vouch for Beth's helpfulness, as she went above and beyond the call of duty to answer my questions yesterday. I was totally impressed with her sweet demeanor and her great customer service! I have four cats, including two orange male tabby kittens, so I always love to meet another cat lover, too! : )

Kathy McDonald

Thank you Malin, Malena and Beth, for packing my orders so beautifully! It's nice to know that Ellen has such great help, and wonderful to hear how much you enjoy your work!

Kathy McDonald

Debbie Olson

Hi, Beth, Malin, and Malena! It's very good to finally "meet" you!


Wonderful info, so great to learn about all of you. Love your Havanese. We have one too, her name is Lucy. We are just in the middle of breeding her, can't wait to have those cute little puppies!

Sue B

It was enjoyable to learn more about your world. My husband and I will be visiting my family in Bonney Lake in a couple weeks. I miss living in that area but I love the midwest too.

jackie M. - from Oregon

Enjoyed hearing about your staff and sharing their stories. I also loved the pictures of the Havanese pooches. I have a 22 month old Hav, Bella. She is white, black and silver and very spunky. Don't know many people who have Havanese pals. I put my order in at 12:03 - thanks for the discount!

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