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October 07, 2007


K Ostvig

That darn foot, I hope it heals quick. Take it easy!

Love the candle


Ellen, I am SO SO sorry to hear your foot is hurting again! I'm holding you close in a big HB hug darlin!!!

Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

Oh Ellen! I'm sorry that you've had another setback. I'll send prayers and good thoughts your way!



I am sorry to hear about your setback I'm sure it must be frustrating. Thank you for the wonderful votive idea! Take Care.


I love that, I really really really love love love love love that! Thanks for sharing!

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Sharon Harnist

Oh, Ellen -- so sorry to hear about your setback, girly! Healing vibes coming your way. Adorable votive -- love it!


{{{{{{{{{Ellen}}}}}}}}}} I can only imagine how trying, and painful, this has been for you, my friend! You are being carried around in my heart every day! Do as the doc sez, and, you know I'm sending out PMVs for that darn foot to get all better!


Oh no!!! I hope you're feeling better very soon, there is nothing like not being able to do for ones self. You are still in my prayers.

I absolutely love this project!!!It's beautiful, warm, and special. Our fall has disappeard...90 degree temps have kidnapped it!! It's supposed to arrive this Wed. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!

God bless you and your family, Ellen.


Bless your heart! I suggest you curl up with Copics & color your heart out! At least your dh can truly appreciate all you do for your family. Take care.


This is just beautiful. Stunning. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sending you well wishes from CO.

Judi Farr

I know how frustrating it is to lose your sense of independence, especially when you have to rely on those who normally rely on you. When something similar happened to me, I just had to keep saying "This too shall pass", and it will. Love the acorn candle votive.



Take care of yourself; I can imagine it's been frustrating with all your restrictions, but just hang in there! Beautiful job on the votive!

Viv (VivLyn)

Very pretty! Take care of that foot!

Terri Honz

Ellen, I am so sorry to hear about your leg! I had a similar experience that happened as a teen. I broke my forearm and when the cast came off in the Dr.'s office, his nurse wanted to see how much range of motion I had. I couldn't do much obviously. The muscle was weak. She proceeded to "help" it bend, and re-broke it on the spot. 8 more weeks in a cast! Please take it easy and care for yourself! I'll be praying for your healing!

CatherineH  (Kiko)

I'm really sorry that you have hurt your foot again. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping you'll very soon be back to bouncing and dancing around the house! Take care!


So sorry that one step forward ended up with a set back! Loving this little votive holder. That oak stamp is on my wish list. Take care and get better.


Be careful HON! Love the candle! So pretty!


oh, so sorry to hear about your set back. But listening to the doc will pay in the long run. Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Joan B

I'm so sorry about your foot. I know you must be so frustrated. The votive is delightful.

Rose Ann

Oh, Ellen...I am so sorry about the set back. Please take it easy.

I love your gorgeous votive!! Beautiful!!


I hope you feel better real soon. Yikes that ankle has sure been pesky. Take care...warmest regards and my prayers will be with you.


Bless your heart! I'm sorry you've had a set-back. Love the votive holder. . . I think I bought some of those same votives last year. Now if I can just find them . . . =D
Thanks for another fabulous idea.

Angie DiMeglio

Ellen, I'm sorry to hear of your set-back. Please follow the Dr.'s orders and stay off your foot, please :-) -- Love to votive holder.

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