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September 12, 2007


Rose Ann

I just wanted to add that I really love my book! I know I will be using it for inspiration many times over. :)

Rose Ann

Awesome! Must get one in my next order. ;)


This does seem like a MUST HAVE. Between your information and the cover of the book I will have to purchase it! Thanks for sharing and all that you do.

I received my Tim Holtz Craft Mat today...that was so speedy. Thank you for everything!

Huge hugs and sweet smiles.

CatherineH  (Kiko)

Ellen... I ordered my book last night and can't wait to get it, along with the new mats that you just added. I look forward to hearing more on the magnetic one, but I know you are one busy girl for the next few days! I really appreciate you answering my question on SCS about storing my airbrush system. And, thank you for working so hard to bring us all these very cool tools! ...Catherine


I had been wondering wear to get Dave's new book and, silly me, I should have known you would come through for us- teeheehee! I got my shipment e-mail this evening on my Nestabilities and can't wait! Thank you for taking such good care of us! Your awesome!

Angie DiMeglio

I love Dave! He will be teaching classes at our LSS at the end of Sept. which I will be in one -- the colored pencil class. I can't wait to meet him and also get his book!

Joan B

I have Dave's other book AND will be taking a pencil and a watercolor class with him on Sept 22nd!!! Too cool for words.

CatherineH (kiko)

Hooray for FedEx... hope he gets there SOON!!! I know you're as excited as we are! The book looks wonderful, and will order one as soon as the mats are available for ordering too. I wish I were there to help you get all those packages out the door!


Ooh... sounds like a cool book what a beautiful cover.. Can't wait to check it out. Also can't wait for you to get those mats up on the site.. :D

-Ginna (Virginia:)

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