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August 27, 2007



thanx for sharing your template!! beautiful design!!


thanks for this beautifull handmade is perfect for my birthday, sorry if I don't write good this note but is because no speak ingles.

thanks other.


Thank you Ellen! I teach modern foreign languages to 150 or so primary school children in England and this week they will each be making one of your shoes to put sweets in; in mainland Europe, shoes and not stockings are put out to be filled with gifts by St Nick.


I had to thank you for your creation and for allowing me to use it! Some friends and I got together and I made 17 witch's shoes for little favors. They were a total hit with everyone and I had fun making them. You are a very special person.


Thanks Ellen! I did it with ease! Love it!

Jullie Dodds

thankyou sooo much for sharing this template.i am a stay at home mum who cannot work because of my son with aspergers its craft and people like you who save my sanity each and every day.Now if you can just desoign a pixie shoe i will be totally stoked i want to make a paper pixie shoe i neeeed one.


Absolutely love this idea for the witches shoe love to fill them up with candy.Thank you so much for shareing it with us!
hugs ginger

Mel M. M. M.

You're the best! This shoe is adorable; thanks so much for sharing the awesome template :O) mel

Ickle Pickle

I have just discovered your blog Ellen, it's fabulous :) Thanks for sharing the template :)

Sasha Libby

That little shoe looks like too much fun, I can't wait to try making them for some little shower or party for a girlfriend. Thank you in advance!


This is by far the most elegant of the templates I've seen. Thanks so much for sharing.


I should have gotten around to thanking you before this for this clever little shoe pattern. We had such fun in a team meeting making them. Then I made a "glass" version of it for friend around Halloween and posted on SCS.

Thanks again!

Edna Siu

Ellen, it is my first time I find your blog, it is totally beyond I can admire, you are such sentimental person, that you share not only your talent, you share your deepest feeling and loving for People as well. May the Lord our God bless you prosperous whatever in your hand, that you keep all these good deeds to make people happy and joyful.

Fran Donovan

Hello Ellen:
I have tried several times to download the shoe. Don't know what I am doing wrong.I want this pattern so bad for Valentines day for my girls and friends at work.How else can I get the directions and template? I am not that great at the computer to do these things.Thanks for your help.


I Love the Shose. They are so Cute! Thank You...


Thank you very much Ellen!
I found out about this from the LM newsletter and now I will be checking this blog often!


Thank you....this is so cute and I can't wait to make it :-)

Stephanie Cooper

I want to thank you for sharing this AWESOME pattern on the splitcoast website - I can't wait to make one.


I consider myself very blessed to have come across your path. That shoe has brought me so much joy and to those I've given it to!!
Isn't it amazing how something so wonderful can be created and then bring joy to so many others? You are one of my heroines, Ellen.

Jenny McCann

Thank you for fab.template, I went into page set up and turned page to landscape setting and it printed fine, hope this helps people. love jenny

Keri Lee Sereika

Ahhhh and to think...I can say "I knew you when...." *wink* I do just love the shoe, and even though I don't do Halloween, the idea behind the show template is PURE GENIUS!


Ellen - didn't know if you already figured this out or not ...

If you wait for the template to finish loading on the page, then you can hover your mouse over the center of the image and then go all the way over to the bottom right corner and click on the box with an orange square and 4 blue arrows pointing out.

It will then open up to the much larger size and we can save it in the larger size to our computer.

thanks again!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your generosity! I am not a halloween person - but I can see using this template for so many things :-)

ann i

Thank you Ellen for sharing this story with us! I am always curious as to how people get started in a new venture and your story is a classic! Saving the template for baby shower favors for my SIL! Thanks!

Rose Ann

Oh...I remember your awesome shoe(s)!! Thank you soooo much for the pattern! You're the best!

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