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August 27, 2007


Sandale cu toc

Lots of years later helped me with "my" homework. thanks


do you have a die for this shoe. sizzix, accucut, etc…..


I love these witches shoes pattern. I started making them for halloween and friends loved them. I am going to make some for christmas with green and reds.


Hi all! You can find the shoe template here on our store for a small fee,

You can purchase it like a normal product and download it to your computer to use as many times as you want!


Dorothy Rios

I love your shoe!!!! Can you send me the shoe template. Thank you.


Could you please send me the shoe template?

Karen Hutzler

Currently working on "The Painted Bra Art Project" Please see our FB page. Wonderful event and fundraiser. Could you please send me the stamp out breast cancer shoe template. Would make a wonderful table decoration! thanks!!!!!


Could you please send me the shoe template?

Basketball Sneakers

Could you send me the cool shoe template? Really adorable and work making to raise money for a great cause here in NV. Thanks.


thank you for sharing !!
Very unique style of this blog is the best I've ever seen! !
Shoes are very cute, I can not wait to learn to do this kind of shoes

Melissa Torres

Could you send me the cool shoe template? Really adorable and work making to raise money for a great cause here in NV. Thanks.

p90x Workout

You're the best! This shoe is adorable; thanks so much for sharing the awesome template :O) mel


this high heel shoes is made in paper .so great !


Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

lisa dvorak

could you please send me this pattern to my email address im having problems locating it

Gucci Shoes

Love your site, I would like to invite you to visit my website. It might be interesting for you, I am a fashion illustrator.

Air Jordan 14

I love to everyone's blog to see! The artical is great, I learn much knowledge! I will also leave me to say! hehheh...

New Jordans

Very Useful information , this is both good reading for, have quite a few good key point.

MBT Shoes Online

It's so lucky for me to find your blog! So shocking and great! Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow.

janneth aponte

I can't wait to make mine... thanks for sharing. Beautiful!!!


Hello! My name is Helen, I am from Ukraine. Thank you, very much! I have never seen like this!!! Great!

shawn dixon

I love this shoe. i made 100 shoes for Ladies Night Out at church. Each shoe was different and unique. here is a link to what some of the shoes looked like. Thank you soo much


Thanks! I have something in mind for this template, and when I get it done, and blog it, I'll let you know!

Kerri Boucher

love the shoe and thanks for sharing your creativity..hoping that my kids club can do something for christmas for their love them..THX


Thank You for sharing this! You are very talented!

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