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August 10, 2007



Hi Ellen:

Tried to E-mail, but it was spit back out at me.

No problem sharing a link. I'm glad the info was useful - I've certainly pulled a lot of useful information off your blog :).

I went to a stamp convention on the 4th and they were using the Copic refills to do backgrounds on glossy paper. They looked a bit like a cross between alcohol ink polished stone and something like a Ranger colorwash. It was a demo - not make and take so I could not try it. I would love to experiment with blender solutions and Krylon pens with the refills - just to see what happens. They were putting the refills on a craft sheet and dropping the paper in - but I'd like to play with an applicator to get more control.

Might be something you want to just experiment with if you have reinkers handy - every one loves a product they can use more than one way.


Hi Ellen,

You may have already done this little experiment - but I thought I'd pass it along just in case. I have Prismacolor markers, but I like the color range of the Copics - especially the ligher shades. Not wanting to replace my Prismas, I bought a couple Copics to see if they blend with each other. Well, I think they do just fine! Here is a link to a card using both on my blog:

Barb g

Ellen, I don't believe anyone will hold this against have given excellent service and I'm sure your customers know that about you. If you could make it happen, we know you would...sit back and take some time to enjoy your lemonade and don't worry about us...heck...hand over the pitcher and we'll help you drink it...that's what friends are for! Hugs, Barb g

Rose Ann

Thanks so much for keeping us informed! It's really not that much longer to wait. ;)

CatherineH (kiko)

Ellen... So sorry your Copic order has been delayed and is causing you added frustration. Like others have posted, you have certainly done all you can and people understand that. Hope your ankle continues to heal and that you'll be out of that cast soon.

So as not to add to your stress, I hope that everything goes well with the Nestabilities that are to be shipped soon. (For full disclosure, I have a bit of a personal agenda there since I preordered the 'gotta have it all' package.)

Love your store... you're the best!!!


Don't forget the splash of vodka in your lemonade!


WOOOHOOO! LEMONADE STAND! Send the girls out with cookies - make enough to expedite the order! PROBLEM SOLVED BAYBEEE!


Hey - like you need more on your plate right now! Some things are out of your control E!

Love YA!


Ellen- Please do not worry yourself over this! You have an awesome webstore with top notch customer service (not to mention just seem like an all around great gal)! The ONLY thing you have control over is how you communicate the information to your customers and you are truly keeping us well informed. By the way, I happen to love lemonade and if you only lived a little closer, I'd be happy to come over and help get rid of some of it-lol!

Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

Hi Ellen... You can't fret over something out of your control. I just appreciate the update! *smiles and hugs*

I wish I could help in some way!



Wishing that COPIC shipment a quick customs clearance and delivery to you. Hang in there

Gina K.

From one retailer to another, I feel your pain. Your customers will understand that we do all we can to get the product. We order it on time and we pay for it on time. But we can't help what happens on the other end.

You are an awesome store owner with superb customer service! And between your balloon ankles and everything else, I have to say, you make some of the best lemonade around!!!

Gina K.


PS: I meant to say "IT" could be worse.


Don't worry Ellen, the 17th. is next Friday...that's not too far away. Remember, I COULD ALWAYS be worse. Cheer up. TFS.

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