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August 04, 2007



For Fashion Illustration, would you recommend Ciao, Sketch, or Original?? Thanks!

Donald 'Diezel'

Wonder full information and tips, but what's up with the constant font changing? lol (I am a User Interface Designer student, and this is a nightmare for me lol :L )

Julia Burgess

Your info is wonderful. I want
to get started with Copic markers.
Would you advise me to attend a
class( if I can find one)? If
the class is not available in my
area, would the Copic Coloring
Guide do? Thanks, Julia B.


Thank you for this information. I am just starting out with copics and using sketch only because of the wider array of color options. I did not know about the rest. Thanks again!


This was really helpful, I personally use Letraset Tria markers for my artwork. They are fantastic, as they have the brush nib, the chisel nib and a bullet nib/super fine nib, though you can buy nib packs and customise your pens to suit your own needs (e.g. If you want two brush nibs and a bullet nib on your pen, thats what you can get!)


Hi Cammie,
Ellen recommends starting with her 24A set (lighter colors)
and 24B set (bolder colors)
It is easier to learn with the lighter colors first.

I hope that helps a bit!
Ellen Hutson, LLC

Cammie Dumais


Where is the list of the 48 must have Copic markers?



julie semones

The article was FULL of information. I had only ever seen the sketch Copics until this weekend, when I was able to use the Ciao Copics. I didn't see a difference with the ink or tips and used them with no problem whatsoever. The one thing I will say is the Ciao markers do NOT fit in the airbrust system.

Also regarding paper. I purchased some Manga paper from Michaels, it is 150 lb paper, and it does not smear my images or the ink when I color my designs.

Enjoy these! And congrats Ellen on being the Copic dealer of the month!


Denise aka Geekgirl415 at SCS

wow! thanks for posting this- i have been curious about these vs Prismas. i'll mosy over to your online store and take a look-see!



I used Studio IIs and went to Copic about 4 years ago when Studio IIs weren't available anymore.

What paper do you use? I have trouble with the blending on the
different cardstocks, especially the darker colors,and have not used my Copics in a couple of years because of this.


Thank you for all the work you do and for whole-heartedly sharing your knowledge with the rest of us. Visiting your blog is better than going to the most expensive class ... I have learned so much from you. Thank you.
Best wishes,

Melissa (SCS: stampin_melissa)

Thanks so much for this info! I have been debating between all the different brands as well as types of Copic.


WOW, Ellen!!! That is some extremely useful information. Even without you work intensive study I was with you when you decided to sell the Sketch markers, no questions asked!! I know that you are a phenomenal teacher and wouldn't steer us wrong I trust you judgement!! I also know that you like the best product available that gets the job done. To me there is no point in spending time doing something and the wrong tools ruin it. TFS


Hi Ellen! Was reading the posts above and this is my experience with papers and the Copics. I use Palette Noir on the Paper Trey Stampers Select Card Stock. I do heat set the ink though. I think that is a key, heat setting the ink. I haven't had any trouble with the Copic ink smearing. I have also used Adirondack Pitch Black on Paper Trey Stampers Select card stock AND the Neenah Classic Solar White card stock and have not had any problems with smearing. I heat set it also, even though Adirondack is dye based and probably not necessary, but I do it anyway! Hope this helps Joan above.

Thanks so much for your comparisons Ellen. I agree with you on the brush tip versus the bullet tip. Brush tip allows you to spread out the color better and you can get into tight areas much better with it than the bullet tip. Thanks again!

broni (waterchild12)

Ellen, thank you so much for the research you do and for educating us on all the details that we really need to know to make informed decisions!


You are just a fountain of information! Thanks for keeping your ankle up and your laptop smokin'!

scrapping mom

Wow, great information. I hadn't decided which way to go copic or prisma. You have now sold me on the copic:)

Julie Campbell

I noticed online that the Ciao nibs were not replaceable. I asked JeanneS (SCS) about this and she told me that the manufacturers were now offering replacements, but had not updated their site yet. She also said that she has seen these replacements with her own eyes. I think being able to replace the nibs is a really big selling point and was curious if the information was correct. Thanks for the education! This really helps!

Joan B

Before investing in this product, I went to my local art store and bought a few of these, including the colorless blender. I have yet to find an ink that doesn't bleed with these. I've used Memories Dye waterproof, Pallette Noir, and SU Classic. I've used them on Beckett Expression #80 cardstock, which looks identical to SU's smooth white or vanilla. I'm wondering what I am doing wrong. Should I be waiting for the ink to dry? Is this the wrong paper?

Hope your ankle is improving!

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