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August 05, 2007



Hi Ellen, based on your recommendation for inks to use with Copics, a friend of mine and I each bought the Adirondack Pitch Black ink pad and was extremely disappointed. The ink is sooo wet, it's unbelievable. You actually have to take the stamp to the ink pad to avoid a gloopy mess, and then you have to wait nearly an hour for it to dry, which I did rather than using a hair dryer or heat gun to dry it. I then began to color my image only to have it smear, so then I had to spend time cleaning my copic marker end. I think I will be glad next week when the Memento ink pad turns up, which seems to be the only ink pad that is excellent for use with Copics.


Thank You for the ink testing.
I was having problems.


Great blog.. Thanks for all your sharing!.


I am so happy I found these tips! I was finally able to color using my COPICs with out the ink running. Thanks so much.


have I told you how much I appreciate you!? Someone just linked me up to your post here--I am going to try the Adirondack and hopefully it will work for both Copic and magic colored pencil (gamsol) technique! I had a bad ink weekend--you think with all the black inks I have that something would do double-duty, LOL!

Jeanne S

Interesting. I've never had any problems with the Palette ink bleeding. What type of paper are you using? I wonder if that could be part of the issue. Not only ink but the ink/ paper combination.


wow, that's great information! Thank you for sharing your results!

ann i

Ellen, This is soooo helpful. I've been experimenting with the Copics myself and there is definitely a huge learning curve that I need to overcome! Your tutorials help tremendously! As some of the others have asked, does the paper used make a difference?

Tory E

Ellen, your blog is jammed packed with info. I am so curious about the Copic markers. If one were to start out with the Copic Markers, which colors would you suggest? buy certain ones individually or one of the sets? Does it matter what type of paper is used?

Carrie Flanagan

Thank you so much for all the helpful information! Guess what my birthday $$ will be spent on?? LOL! I am also wondering about your preference in paper---if you have one! :0)


You have just got THE BEST information in your blog and that must be why I always come to you to get fantastic unbiased opinions. Thank you!


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this research on the inks with the Copic Markers. Do you think the paper has any impact on the results? What type did you use? Thank you again!



Ellen you are always giving us so much information, Thank-you. I have been using the copic markers but this evening tried them with the Brilliance ink and it was so much better. Thanks!

Rose Ann

Great information, Ellen. Thank you!!


You rock, babe! I love ya!! :)

Ruth Gore

Ellen - Thank you for all this work on our behalf! I guess I need to place an order soon! Thanks for pointing out that the blender creates a need for special ink even when the markers may not. I want to learn to use these, and I think you have talked me into getting the airbrush system. Oh, I know you didn't say anything or push it on me, but now somehow after reading all this, I NEED it! :)


Thank you so much for sharing your results with the different ink pads when using the Sketch markers and blender ... very helpful. How big a factor is paper choice in this? Could that affect your results? Somewhere I read that Georgia Pacific cardstock from Walmart or Sam's was the best for use with the Copics and would welcome your expert opinion please.

Thank you again.


You put soooooo much into your work and are such a blessing to us!! Your examples are FANTASTIC and can be seen VERY WELL. I love what you did, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Joan B

A huge thank you and I am so glad you agree about the Palette ink pads and copics. I thought it was just me. I'm working on a review of the copics for my blog and I'll be sure to reference this posting. You rock!!


Thanks Ellen! I guess my opinion is no good as you have proved me wrong! I posted a comment in replying to Joan in your other post and guess it was wrong. It is interesting as I have been using the Palette ink on the Paper Trey Stampers Select and heat set it. Have NOT had any problems with smearing when using the Copics. I have not used the Colorless Blender though. So would probably have run into what you pointed out above. Joan, if you are reading this, ignore my opinion!

Peggy Maier

Thanks for taking the time (guess you have a lot of that these days!) to upload this chart. This will be a big help.


Ellen - thanks for the great info on the best ink pads to use with the Copic markers. I haven't yet bought any of the markers, but I'm really intrigued. I keep telling myself I already have plenty of options for coloring, but that little voice still tells me I need to try the Copics! What colors would you recommend should be the first purchased if buying individually rather than one of the sets? Thanks!

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