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July 13, 2007



Sending you a hug darlin - hope your body and/or mind isn't hurting to bad today!


With a great sale, and such great new products, who expected you to blog today? I only have one question: will I regret my pre-buying more of the Nestabilities templates? :)


sit down, sip a wonderfully warm cup of tea, put your feet up and take a moment to treasure what success feels like. you are a wonderful asset to our stamping lives and i am very grateful for all you offer, the wonderful talent you share, and you are a wonderful business! Congrats! thanks for everything!



We should thank you for all your hard work. Your FANTASTIC customer service is a rare and wonderful find. Please, take care of yourself and get some rest. We'll be here when you rejuvenate!!!!!


Rest, relax...we can wait. Thanks so much for challenging me to make a card using a Lockhart stamp. It was my 'therapy' today...some much needed therapy.

Linda Bullard

OK, I finally found it on your July 10 post - ending 7:00 your time. Sorry I goofed. Have a nice sleep tonight. Linda

Linda Bullard

Uh-oh Ellen! I just started my checkout, and got an expired notice! I didn't see a deadline anywhere, so I assumed it was midnight your time. And we know what happens when we assume. :0( Linda


Hugs Ellen! Love ya babe!! :D

Linda (LSN on SCS)

Ellen...please go and get some sleep. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that one would wish. I'm in awe of everything that you HAVE done. We'll be here devoted as ever! :-)

Nighty night!



I am exhausted just reading your blog...I imagine you are drop-dead tired. Thank you for your hard work! Get some much deserved rest!


Have a nice rest - you deserve it!!

Rose Ann

Job well done, Ellen!!! Please go and get your rest. We will be here when you're feeling well, and rested up. Although your day was super busy, it's great to hear it was such a success! :)

Anne Marie

To use the title of my blog ... you've got the "thankful" go take care of the "rest" part! :)

Pat S.

You've done an awesome job!
Take a well deserved rest...
we'll be here in the morning :)

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