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July 31, 2007


K Ostvig

sounding not wounding! I have fat figures today

K Ostvig

I was just catching up and then I read this, I am so sorry you're in a cast. I would send you a special card but it will probably take 4 weeks to get there. Maybe it could be a taking the cast off card. You're such a sweet wounding person I hope the 6 weeks go quickly and look for a card in September. Sending good thoughts your way.


Lots of kisses, hugs, and get well wishes are being sent via ****PMV**** REST! !! RECOVER!!! THAT'S AN ORDER!!! said sternly by someone who loves you . . . Jules


Sending you tons of get well wishes. Take this time to take care of yourself. We will all be here when you get back. Do I need to send you a cute little bell to ring??? Take care!


Oh Ellen! I'm so sorry about your ankle! Get well soon!

Pat S.

Hi Ellen! least you have the right diagnosis now...gosh...can't believe that first dr had it all wrong :(

My mom had both knees replaced at the same time...she took to bumping down the stairs on her backside...
until she finally just took up residence on the lower level, and stayed there!

Kathy White

Sorry to hear about your cast...but this may be someone's way of telling you to slow down a bit! :) As for the cast -- I GASPED! My daughter has orthopedic issues and has spent many months in casts. The Dr.'s orders were NOTHING is ever put in the cast! You could cause alot more damage than you bargained for (and that includes baby powder). I love the ice blanket idea...or could also try a cool hairdryer. It worked for us. And don't worry, the itching subsides after a week or so. Take care and best of luck to you!!


The same thing happened to me...on your butt is the best/safest way to manage the stairs and a wire coat hanger, carefully, will scratch any itches you may have. Whatever you do, don't get it wet! will smell bad enough when you get the cast off... Best of luck!


Boo! I'm so sorry! Big hugs from the van der Sandens!


So glad to hear you're on the mend! The ice blankie sounds like a safer deal than poking knitting needles in there. Can you imagine poking yourself and bleeding where you can't reach! Not a good thing. I do have some really good news for you! Using crutches gives you boobs! LOL I also remember something about "The good leg goes to Heaven and the bad leg goes to Hell" when going up and down stairs. Be safe and just do it on your kiester, at least on your inside stairs!


Sending healing wishes your way! So happy that you don't need surgery!(see the glass is 1/2 full!)
take it easy, and we loyal followers and friends will be patient over new stamps and emails, please worry about you!
so sorry that is a cast, but it will heal quick...
take care and we are all ok with you taking it easy!!


Clara B.

Get well soon! Here's a tip that worked for my son last year when he broke his wrist. He had a hard cast for four weeks. Everytime he would get itchy, I had him wrap a flexible ice blanket (Rubbermaid makes them and they're found with the blue ice.) We kept two of those in the freezer and he'd wrap one them around his cast. He'd alternate between the two. The cold would serve as sort of an anti-histamine and relieve the itching. It took away my son's urge to stick something in the cast to scratch. The ortho doctor was very adamant about not scratching and he could tell when the cast came off that my son didn't scratch once. This worked for my niece when she broke her elbow earlier this year too.

Mary Cedarstrom

OOPS! I meant she also scooted UP that way too.

Mary Cedarstrom

Ellen ~ when my daughter was in the same position ~ she scooted down the stairs on her rear-end. She also scooted down that way ~ holding the injured leg above the stairs as she slid. Hope that helps!


Ellen, sending big hugs to you and hoping you will take care of yourself and not to fret over tryng to uphold the ideal customer service - you have the best reputation and I'm sure your customers all understand what you are going through right now. Please really consider going down the stairs on your bottom!!! Hugs, Harriet S.


We can wait while you heal... dump your customer service ideals out the window! Having our craft supplies delivered or questions answered is not important -- but you and your health are... to each and every one of us, I'm sure. You gotta know that! Take care and take advantage of some down time - forget about us to focus on your own rest and recovery - PLEASE!
luv and healing thoughts, Melissa


Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your ankle!! I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to be still. It was the hardest lesson I ever learned, because it's difficult to turn the mind off. Please take SPECIAL care of yourself. TFS.

{{{{HUGE HUGS}}}}

Gina K.

Oh Ellen! I hope you are feeling better soon. Please be careful with those stairs!
My thoughts and prayers go out to you!
Gina K.


Get well soon Ellen. Use knitting needles to scratch and when you go down the stair put both crutches on the side withouth the railing and use the railing as your second cructch. This is from experience. Now's the time when you can't do anything else to go through recipes, pictures, etc. Organize what you can. That will help pass the time. Take it easy and let those bones heel.
Take care.
Julie Kaehler


Oh, man that stinks.... Breaking any body part is the pits... I hope that you are back up and running soon...:0)

Rose Ann

(((Ellen))) I am sorry to hear the ER doctor misdiagnosed your injury! Please be careful, and get your rest. Take care of you.


Take that cast with pride :) I hope you get better soon and don't screw up your back cause you are shlepping around a foot ++. Do whatever feels right to you and do the rest later!!

Angie DiMeglio

Ellen I am so sorry to hear about your cast -- please be very careful going up and down the stairs. I wish you a speedy recovery -- please take care of yourself and don't worry about anything else -- {{bighug}} to you!

Trena in Naperville

Hang in there sister!! I'm sending warm hugs from Naperville hoping you are getting stronger and stronger each day. Meanwhile, enjoy the people you'll meet from this new expereince in your life. God Bless and keep you.

Lisa M

Cyber (((HUGGGGSSS)))).. I'm soooo sorry... I know how your feeling.. I too have had my share of spills and casts. It's no fun espicially in the summer... Wishing you a speedy recovery.. :)

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