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July 11, 2007


Jane in San Diego

The Marvy punches have 25 humps. The classic Spellbinders scallops have 22. The petite scallops have 37.

The closer match would be the 'classic' sets if you are trying to get the set resembles the Marvy punches.

Hugs, Jane in San Diego


Hi Ellen, It looks like Jane has already asked my question about the Classic or Petite circle set being closest to the punches???



My question is more on which set to start out with if I am trying to replace my BIG, old, heavy Marvy punches we all have come to *love*. Do I want the Classic or Petite circle set??? Which one will give me the sizes I am most use to, to start out with?

Jane in San Diego

Hi Melanie and Colleen:

I'm Jane in San Diego and I was on last year's Spellbinder DT. I own several machines and here are some solutions for you. I personally test them out for real life functionality :)

If you have the Big Shot and the 'dial up' platform with the pages, then you will not need the spacer plate. Otherwise, you will need to purchase that separate platform made by Ellison Design OR the spacer plate.

If you have the Big Kick, then your machine came with the dial up platform and you won't need the spacer plate.

In either case, you would use both 'flaps' on that special platform (tabs 1 and 2).

I highly recommend the tan polymer to get the best impression from the Spellbinder dies. The tan polymer pad is a bit denser than the silicone pad from the impression kits. It is re-usable and lasts a mighty long time. It was constructed to withstand the cutting surface of the patented Spellbinder dies.

Hope this helps!


I have the same question as Melanie, except I have the Big Kick (which I'm pretty sure is the same as the Big Shot) and the Impressions pad and rubber. Do I need the Wizard accessories (tan pad and white spacer plate)?



Hi Ellen,
Thank you for all the helpful information you provided on how to use the Nestibility Dies with other machines. They are going on my Christmas Wish List (unless I cave and order them as soon as they're released!)

I have one question: I have a Big Shot and according to your list, I need the white spacer plate to use the dies with it. The link you provided did not show the thickness of the spacer plate. I was wondering if the Sizzix/Ellison impressions pad, silicone rubber or possibly even a texture plate would work in it's stead (since I already have each of these)? If you don't know, can you give me the thickness of the spacer plate tell me if it's similar to a cuttlebug die or is it more of a chipboard type material?


Karlene (Kar)

Dear Amy, Suz and others,

The Nestabilities were designed to match PERFECTLY giving you the 1/8" or 1/4" borders that we all desire. If you are going to try and use the original Geometric Circle (for instance) with the new Nestability Scallop Circle, you may not create the perfect border look that you were trying to achieve.

My suggestion would be to purchase the Nestability Sets so you don't have any problems.

Hope this helps,

Karlene (Kar)
2006-2007 Spellbinders Design Team Member


Hi Ellen, It looks like Suz K. has already asked my question. I have the current Spellbinders Circles and Squares dies, how do they coordinate with the scallop sets? THANKS for putting all this very useful information together for us.


Susan King

Hi Ellen! I have 2 sets of the Spellbinders Geometrics dies (squares and ovals). Do you know how these compare/coordinate with the Nestabilities scallops?


Suz K.

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