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July 13, 2007



Good Morning Ellen, hope you were able to get some sleeps. Put my order in. Absolutely great stuff!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!


Looking forward to seeing everything you have!


I have been waiting to buy Copics to see what you have in store for us *can't wait*

*cheers* go Ellen gooooo

ps You have me SO hooked on Lockhart stamps!

Anne Marie

Good morning Ellen! I'm HARDLY the first to cheer you on. I gave up at 1:30 EST, but I was up bright an early scouring your store for all the new stuff! Decisions, decisions ... it's tough! You were in my prayers last night as I went to sleep, knowing how hard you were working. Remember to take some time to spend with your family! :)

Pat S.

Hi Ellen!

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

I wasn't stalking either...this time zone thing is a real pain...
but I'll be here when you've had your ZZZZZZZZZZZZ's :)


The Spellbinder Dies look awesome - I can't wait to have them all in my hot little hands!

Linda Hofacker
Spellbinder Design Team


Well Ellen I wasn't stalking you as I needed some sleep!! So excited with you about your sale today!!

Lisa M

Hi ho.. Hi ho it's off to shop I go..


boo hoo, not 1st and i have to walk to work today (daughter needs the car ) and i won't walk home on lunch, not enough time, so i can't shop until tonight! BOO HOO save me some stamps, and pearls and papers and markers and {sigh} save me some stuff!!!
good luck getting it all ready!!
{heres a cup o joe!}


Phyllis Rollins

Hi Ellen,
It's three am in the midwest, and since I had to get up early for work today I thought I might as well see what Ellen's up to :-)
Sending coffee vibes your way, I know you're going to have a very long and busy day. Hope I can shop from work without getting in too much trouble, I'm really excited about this sale - woohoo! See you later! Phyllis

Shirley in Hong Kong

Ellen! Thanks for all your time and effort to make this sale a success and for us! Thought I'd wire you some coffee in bytes...Can't wait for the sale...THANKS!!!! Can you tell I love visiting your site for inspiration and ideas!! Big time stalker!


Guess I'm not first...but since I'm stalking from over in Germany I should be!! Just finishing up my morning coffee myself!

Get some rest...can't wait to start buying this afternoon!


Go Ellen GO!! Just thought I should check in before bed. Beaming coffee to you now!

Barb Mann

Ellen,I'm up too. Can barely wait for the copic marker special set you are putting together. I'll stay tuned for more info.


Oh, my! Am I that bad- lol. Actually, I work tomorrow night so I'm trying to get my body on schedule (just work a couple of nights a month so it's kind of hard to adjust my sleep patterns.) I'm so excited about the new releases later on this morning. I was actually on your site looking for some Ornare information. I'll e-mail you a question when your not so... busy. Thanks for all you do! Beth

Nancy Pallotta

Go Ellen! I'm so excited to see what you're adding to your store that I've decided to stay up with you :) Sending virtual coffee your waay!

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