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July 16, 2007



Oops that should of said
A great tip!


Thank you so much for sharing this
I do have some Stampin up markers
This is a great rip


Sharon, Thank you so much for the charts (I just printed out a new one so I can update my copic collection) and also the SU to Copic equivalent, - so helpful and must have taken ages to determine. Any chance of a new comparison coming out, as SU have gone and changed their colors again. Thanks again, Allison

W. Rohlfing

I am interested in purchasing copics to match SU colors and your sets would be ideal. Any chance you have updated the sets in your store as most of the SU colors on this list have been retired? Thanks bunches!

Laurie in MN

I had trouble matching Tombow marker colors with the Copic marker colors so I am grateful that you matched the SU and Copic colors.

Rebecca Ednie

Any chance you have found more matches by now? I noticed some colours are missing like the plums and banana

Lisa Silver (silvergirl)

Hi Ellen,

What an amazing list! I appreciate all your hard work to coordinate this. I am really enjoying the first set I purchased through you.

I also nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!


K Ostvig

This must have taken a lot of time to put together. What a helpful tool.


Great work in doing all the research. I did the pre-order and can't wait to get them and start playing with them.

Also, I received my package of goodies yesterday, Monday the 16th, from your Friday the 13th sale. Awesome on how quick you filled the orders and got them mailed out. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


FABULOUS! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. Thank you immensely for the time and effort you put into this selection.

tammy b

so why copic? the difference between them and prismacolor is what? thanks, tammy b

Julia Stainton

We trust you Ellen! Can't wait to get them in my hands!!!


I wish there was an award I could give you for being the "Most Helpful Person in the World"!! I can't begin to imagine how LONG it took you to figure all of this have never steered me wrong and I trust your judgement without question. TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS, TFS!

Clara Rubalcaba

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into putting these collections together. It will be so helpful to refer back to this list and to know that what I am purchasing matches what I already own.

Rose Ann

Thanks so much, Ellen! I will be saving this for future reference.


Thank you, Ellen.
The 12A-D do not correspond to the color families, do they?
Are they simply collections?


Wow what an amazing exercise that you went through for your patrons. Nice. Copics are on my wish list and I know where I am going to purchase them from when I do finally invest. ;D.

Anne Marie

Question: I've read about people touching the tips of the markers to other marker colors -- in a normal marker, that totally ruins the markers ability to lay down true color the next time ... are the Copic markers different somehow?


Hi Ellen, this is really helpful. I've been trying to determine what markers would be right for me so I can make a good investment. With more information still to come on the Copic's do you think you will have a copic marke sale for those like myself who are still holding out? :)


If you say it's a good match, then it's a good match in my book. Thanks for all the work doing this. Some day I will own more than one gray Copic!


Ellen, I totally trust your eye for color, so even if my screen would show everything in shades of grey, I would choose what you recommend. Thank you just isn't a big enough word for my appreciation of the work you've done on this project!!! Hugs to you darlin!

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