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July 06, 2007


The Stampin' Soldier

I really LOVE this card! Good job!


I can't wait to see this amazing thing!!! :)

Do you sell this piercing template? I really need one... ;)

Donna L.

Another great card!
Anxious to hear the announcement on monday.

Connie Wohlford

I just love your cards. I was wondering where you get your templates for the paper piercing?
If you could get me that information I would appreciate it.
I'm also waiting for the 9th.

Phyllis Rollins

Love the simplicity of design, and how it pops the image. Patiently waiting ...


No fair, I'm on EDT. I'd have to stay up until 3am here! I won't tell a soul . . .

Love the card. Another stamp and template to add to my list . . . sigh


Rose Ann

Goodness...I really need one of those templates!! Your card is gorgeous!!

Can't wait to hear the exciting news!!


SUNFLOWERS!!!!! I love it!!! I can't wait for monday!!!!


This card is really something! I can't wait to hear your news! I will be eagerly sitting at my computer....

Pat S.

That one really pops!


I love your card! I love the simplicty of the stamps you use. They're like comfort food do me. :) And now, after your teaser, I'm very anxiously waiting your midnight post.


Well Said Cards

Beautiful card and now I'm beside myself with curiosity on what the big secret is that you're revealing!


positively stunning!!!!*bouncin* ;)

Peggy Maier

Love the piercing on the envelope - so special!


Ellen, you are such a tease! Love this little card and envelope! Can't wait till Friday the 13th!

Michele Kovack

oooh can't wait!!! Lovely card!

Joan B

Another great entry. Can't wait to see what you have been up to!!

Anne Marie

I love this simple card, especially with the piercing. You really have me intrigued about your announcement. It wouldn't be something that can automatically paper-pierce a design like that in 10 seconds or less, would it? LoL! I can't wait until Monday, Ellen!

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