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July 08, 2007



I've been trying to update the image in my gallery for the card I linked you to yesterday. For some reason it isn't happening. I like the second version so much better (different coloring technique) so I've finally given up on getting the first one updated and just uploaded the new version. So, if on the off chance I win, please mention the second version. Thanks!

jeanne nielsen

I uploaded my first card to SCS yesterday (7/13) for your challenge but didn't link it. You can see it with the title "Ellen Hutson's Challenge". Regardless of whether it is counted, I wanted to say "thank you" -- without this challenge, I'm not sure when I would have taken the plunge!!! jeanne


K, so I'm not a pro like so many others that have posted a card, but here's mine anyway...


Congratulations, Ellen, on spawning such excitement and enthusiasm!
I was afraid my first entry did not follow your layout closely enough---plus I'm having so much fun---here is my adapted submission:


here's a card for the challenge. i love this layout!

i'm looking forward to seeing more with the wizard dies and i'll be adding to my copic collection soon!

:) lexi


Hi Ellen,
I have to admit to a REALLY stupid mistake. Somehow I got Lockhart Stamps mixed up in my head with the Cornish Heritage Farms ones. (I know, I know...they're not's just me.) So I submitted an entry to your design challenge using a CHF stamp and not one of my Lockhart ones. I'm soooo sorry for the mixup - I feel like a real dummy.

I want also to thank you for all the work you're doing to advance the availability of great products for all of us stampers. I, for one, really appreciate all that you do.

Thanks (and sorry again),


So many great layouts to choose from; thanks for all the wonderful inspiration! My card is posted here:


Ellen, I sent you an e/mail with my entry. Did you receive it last night? I know you're swamped. This is the first time I've ever posted anything I've made online.


WOW! How exciting to see the new dies from Spellbinder. What an honor it must have been to work with them on this new product.
I am a new stalker of your blog, though I have been a fan of yours on SCS for quite some time.

Seeing the pic of Mt.Rainer brought back memories of my childhood spent growing up in Marysville. Western Washingon is probably one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Talk about culture shock moving to Michigan and seeing what they call mountains here. LOL! The closest thing to a mountain here is a hill that is used for skiing that once was a land fill. I say hill because compared to the cascades that is exactly what it is. LOL!
I love viewing your blog on a daily basis and am always greatful for the fact that you share your work with so many people. You are truly an inspiration.


I did it! I entered! My first!
Thank you, Ellen, for your inspirations and your challenge! I had so much fun---and I 'm enjoying seeing everyone else's.
Here is my link:

I used your July 6th card as my inspiration. I loved it's clean, elegant look.
I can't wait to try the dies and the Copic markers! You are a shameless enabler! : )


Nothing like a kick in the pants to make me bring out my Lockhart stash and use it! Here's my Star Angel baby congratulations card posted on my blog:

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow, Ellen!


I used your AWESOME July 6th creation as my inspiration!
I can't wait to get those new diesin my hands!!


Hi Ellen,
Here is my card I hope you like it. I never would have thought to use the scoring tool and the punches this way. In using your lighthouse layout you really inspired me, thank you. I can't wait to see the new Lockhart stamps they are quickly becoming my favorite. Such detail and beauty!

nancy littrell

I can not resist a challenge, but....I do not yet own any LSC products, so will have to play another your pic. too. TFS

Well Said Cards

Okay, here's the link to my challenge card:
I love the cupcake stamp! It's my favorite.


I can't decide which of these cards I like best, so I'll link to both.

Great challenge!


Here is my card for the challenge in one of the formats requested.

Can't wait to see all the new goodies in your store on Friday.


Linda (LSN on SCS)

What an absolutely beautiful photo Ellen! You look like you live in a beautiful region.

Here is a link to my challenge card:

Pick me...pick me! :-)



OK, Got my challenge submission done, so here's the link. I varied the layout a teensy bit, since a square card just didn't fit the image. Hope this is OK. Thanks, Ellen!

Nancy Pallotta (crooked river)

Gorgeous photo of Mt Rainier! Love your blog and your store :)

Here's my challenge submission:

Rose Ann

Here's my challenge card:

Thanks for the challenge opportunity, Ellen! :)

Anne Marie

Here's the link to my photo! I love where I was headed with it, but I'm not happy with how it ended up. I just couldn't give it depth and dimension, tried to wash in a shadow, and ended up muddying it up a bit. Ugh. Oh well, it was fun anyhow and brought back some fond memories of my dear Great Aunt Lib!


Can't wait to see the big announcement tomorrow! You've gotten me so intrigued that I finally made my first post on SCS so I could take part in this challenge.

Have loved your cards this month and especially love the photo of Mt Rainier -- it makes me very glad that I'll be leaving the flat Midwest for a vist to the San Juan Islands in August!


I hope this layout is close enough to one of yours. I wasn't clear on that.


will the wizard dies cut chipboard?

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