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July 10, 2007


Rose Ann

I love your hot chocolate scalloped circle card! It's so cute...and yummy!

Anne Marie

Thanks, Ellen, for all you do. I know how busy you must be right now with Spellbinders, Lockhart, Paper Trey ... and oh yeah, the kids are home from school, leaving you with even less free time on your hands!

I'm so excited for you, though. It seems your on a whirlwind of success right now!


This is a darling card.

Angie DiMeglio

I am so excited that you will be carrying the spellbinders dies -- I can't wait to get them in my hot little hands. Also can't wait for your Copic Markers. I have a set of the Original but am looking forward to your picks.


OH! I *LOVE* the shape of the round scalloped card (I have a serious OBSESSION with scallops...*sigh*).

Is that card made with one of the new Wizard dies I heard about???? I admit - I have RA and have trouble cutting things with my hands, it's why I bought the Wizard to begin with.

But alas, I am ashamed to admit that it is still in the box after 2 years. I haven't even bought any dies for it yet. (not a single one) :-(

But if that is the size of the round/oval/square nested scallop dies, then I might just have to figure that thing out, lol.

Thank you for showing us!

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