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June 14, 2007



What a great photos! They would look awesome framed and collaged on a wall!


Thank you for sharing. I love Washington State - such beautiful places to see.


What a wonderful camping trip! I love cooking with box ovens- we always made the best cobbler desserts in them.

I do recall one time that we had a bit of area not covered in foil- and we looked over during lunch and the box oven was engulfed in flames! oops.

Thanks for sharing your fun!


Thanks for sharing! It certainly reminds us to treasure times like this with our children. You've inspired me to add some notes regarding my GS troop on my blog. I know the girls and their mom's will enjoy that!


Your photos, you, your daughter, and nature...what could be more beautiful?? When you share things like this they qualify for at least two weeks of posts. Thanks for this wonderful trip to the beach, it's as close as I'll get.

Rose Ann

No apology needed, Ellen! I love hearing of your adventures with your adorable daughter. Those pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them and your story!


It sounds wonderful! Wish I was there!!!


Thanks for sharing the pics, Ellen! Looks like you and your daughter had a great time :)



Thanks for sharing the precious pictures and reminding us of what is important.


You forgot to say where you went, but it sure looks like Ocean Shores! Washington's beaches are so different from Florida's Atlantic beaches. I'd take a cool, windy, rainy Pacific NW beach any day (well, except in January!). Looking forward to more from your fabulous week!

Heather the Mooselover

Brownies camping with their moms- how sweet is that? I'm glad that you got a picture of you and your daughter to help capture the memories.

Michele Kovack

It sounds like an amazing time! You seem to truly appreciate all that life has to offer! I don't know how you balance it all....but you do an amazing job!

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