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May 02, 2007


Lesha Anderson

My mom has always been my best friend. She has always been there for me when no one else has and I'm very thankful to have her as a mother. She is also a wonderful mother. Every year I like to make a necklace for her, because she loves jewelry.


My mother is 87 and she amazes me with her energy. I couldn't believe it when she bought a computer and learn to use it while in her early 80's. My mother has always been involved in crafts since I was a young child. She taught me all her crafts and gave me a desire to continue doing crafts as an adult. I retired 6 years ago and found rubber stamping. I must thank my mom for giving hobbies in my adult life. Besides her crafts, she is marvelous cook. She wants a cooking magazine for her Mother's Day gift from me. You got it MOM !!!!


I lost my mother in October,2004..
just 9 months after losing my father and 13 months after losing my very dear brother. I miss her every single day....especially Mother's Day. I try to remember all the wonderful times we had together....beautiful memories.The Mother's Day before she passed away, she was in the hospital but she sent me a dozen pink roses....this was so special and unexpected....I will never forget this.


My mom passed away 16 years ago. We were best friends, and I still miss her everyday. I didn't start stamping until several years after she passed, and I know it is a hobby she would have loved to do, too! My mom was a positive person who loved people and loved life. I am so fortunate that my children got to know her, as there have been many grandchildren born since she passed. (But we all share stories so hopefully they will feel they know her, too.) The best compliment I could receive is for someone to say I remind them of my mom.

For Mother's Day we would buy her jewelry or something we knew she wanted. She just loved having all her children around her, and probably would have considered that her best gift.


I typically make my mom a very special card. I would do more, but I stress so much about her card--there ususally not enought time or creative energy to do a gift, too. Also her birthday is the third of May--so I have ususally done something for that.

Special about my mom. She makes smocked dresses for my girls. No one can ever believe they are not from a botique. They are beautiful.

Sheila A

I am so fortunate to live so near to my mom. She stood by me when I went thru an ugly divorce and has been a tremendous help to me with my daughter. I usually make her a card and either get her flowers or new clothes that she never has time to buy for herself. She never puts herself first and never expects anything from her kids.

Lisa Trombitas

My childhood was such a special time - and I attribute that to my mom. I hope to give my kids the kind of childhood that I had, but the world is such a different place. We used to roam all over the neighborhood looking for kids to play with, and nowadays, you're afraid to let your kids out of your sight.
My mom is far away - she's in SC, and I'm in NJ. I've only been papercrafting for a short while, but she loves and saves every card that I send her. One mother's day, I made her a 8.5x11 scrapbook of my daughter (with all of the duplicate prints I always get and never use!). A true labor of love! This year, I made an altered lunch box tin with dividers for different types of cards. Of course, I filled it with cards for every occasion and envelopes. I also made a decoupage sort of box for her to keep all of the handmade cards that she's saved, with a matching picture frame - a totally handmade gift collection this year (what do you buy for the woman who works in the accessories department of a large department store, anyway?)
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!

Catherine Levy

I would like to say something about my birthmother, she did something that was probably the hardest thing she ever did in her life. She gave me up for adoption, and for that I am greatful because if she didn't I wouldn't be the person I am today. But for my amom (adoptive mom), I made her a beautiful stationary box that you can see a pic of on my blog in a slide show ( It is full of stationary, envelopes and cards :)that I made!

Melanie Kuzik

I lost my Mom a year ago and miss her daily. My Mom was very special as she had the wisdom and love that was out of this world. I was born after she turned 40 her third survivng cherished baby after loosing at least 12 in 18 years. I would of quit not her all babies are a gift although I am sure I challenge that idea many times when I was growing up. She was in bed for 5 of the 9 months while waiting for me then I was almost born in the ditch on route to the hospital. Mom always said you are always in a rush to get there just like the night you came into this world one minute after midnight rushing the poor Dr and nurses.I was the only one she had that was in such a hurry according to her and she had 2 more after me and they were a snap. I loved my Mom for many reasons but the main one she was always there and offered non judgemental advise. My wish is to be more like her in that aspect a true gem my mom. I sure miss her and still pick up the phone to call her for her wit, love and mothering.I miss the most the I loves you.


PS: The picture is FABULOUS!! TFS.


My mom died in Oct.2000. I sure do miss her...she was my cheerleader and super inspiration for art. Too bad I didn't get to share stamps with her, I know she would have loved them. She liked to receive Swarovski crystal figurines. She had quite a colletion that was given to her by her children and grands.

She was VERY famous with our neighbors and frinds because she would make a delicious "Sunday Morning Breakfast". It included bacon, sausage, salmon cakes, home fried potatoes, grits with cheese, eggs, biscuits, coffe, juice, melon, and sweet bread! We only did this once since her death and that is what I would LOVE to do this Mother's Day, but I'm unable to cook now, but maybe I can coax my sister into it, teehee. Thanks for asking, these little trips down memory lane always bring a smile to my heart.

Charlene H.

For Mothers Day I usually get my mom flowers or picture frames. She has pictures all over her house and has 8 grandchildren so she needs a lot of frames. I have been making a special card for the last couple of years so I will do that this year as well.

Jenn Cornell

WOW! I feel very blessed that my mom is still with me. I can go without talking with her for a week, then other days... it is every 10 minutes. They live 1 1/2 hours away... so I get to see her pretty regularly.

I have always made my mom gifts. Since I've gotten into jewelry making, I usually make her something... this year it is a pair of earrings and a stationary set. Ever since I was 5, I've always made her a card..and am getting ready to make hers now.

Ruth Gore

My mom is a real fighter. She was diagnosed with cancer four years ago, has been on chemo for 3 1/2 years, and yet continued working until the age of 80! She is not doing well now, but has lived longer than the doctors estimated she would, and instead of feeling sorry for herself when she became housebound, she took up backyard birding.

Mom was raised in an orphanage, and a meal out was a once-a-year treat when she grew up, so food was her particular favorite gift! Every year I made her a special three layer chocolate cake that she loves, and I always give her a giant geranium for her front porch! Sometimes we go out to eat and some years I treat her to a steak dinner grilled at home.
She has always loved me unconditionally!


I am fortunate to have 3 "moms! I have my mom, my MIL, and my stepmom. I have a special relationship with all 3. My mom though is so wonderful because she never makes me feel bad about having my other 2 moms, she never gets jealous! I always try to make her something because she isn't crafty. So she thinks whatever I make is wonderful. This year I made her a stack of notecards....actually the stamp I used is from your store! (DO I get bonus points for that?) Just kidding!


Hi Ellen: I lost my mom in March of 2003. Reading the posts above, a very big void in my life. She really had a huge impact on people, more so then I realized until she died. Even now, 4 years later, I have people come up to me and tell me how much she meant to them and they miss her horribly. Her gentleness and caring is what she conveyed to everyone. I used to make her a Mother's Day card and give her some cards to use. I miss her so much. She used to love seeing the cards and stamps and toys I bought! Her passion was knitting and she loved growing tubular begonias. Thanks for letting us share our moms to you!


My mom raised me and my sister alone. She was a school teacher and usually came home tired. But, she taught us that we could stand on our own and we were cooking the dinner by age 7 and caring for the entire house by age 9. We knew that we could succeed in anything as women and I honestly never realized that alot of the world didn't have those same feelings until I was grown. Some people may view all this fast "growing up" as a bit harsh. I thank my mom for everything she showed us and taught us. One of the biggest things she did for me was recognize that I always wanted to be an artist. (at age 5 I told people that and it never changed). My mom gave me "art birthday" parties, scraped together money for art lessons at a young age, and helped me attend a professional art college even though she really did not have any savings. My mom is now very sick and does not remember alot of my growing up. I miss being able to share things with her but continue to love her at any stage she is at just as she did for me. janet in nc

K Ostvig

Wow, I am so thankful my mom is still here and around to visit with, and make gifts for. I feel so sad for those of you whose mothers are gone. I guess we don't let that idea cross our minds, I love my Mother and I can't imagine not having her in my life, She's always been there...,KWIM. I usually make a gift for my mom or give her a picture of our Family. This year I made several Cards to go in the Altered tin I made her at Christmas.

I made a special photo card this year using a picture of her children when we were little on the inside. Of course, I punched a small 1/2" square hole in the cover so that just my face showed through to the front. The front had a saying that said "One of your favorites..." and the inside said"... wants to wish you a Happy Mothers Day". It turned out lovely and she really liked it. I gave it to her a few weeks early, because I got to visit with her last week and since she lives a few states away I took the opportunity to give it to her in person.


My mom is the person I can talk to when I need those special words that only a mom can give. She also can sense when something is going on with me even if we haven't spoken in a while.

I usually make her something for Mother's Day; a bracelet, quilt. This year I am going to make her a set of cards.

Darlene Laursen

My mother died in 1990. She would have loved to see what I am doing now w/rubber stamps. She did some oil painting. She would have homemade bread right out of the oven when I came home from school & I could have the heel w/butter & brown sugar...Grmma Dar


My mom is a very special lady who has always been there for me and my family. I usually will give her a beautiful hanging basket of flowers and a handmade card. Last year I made a lunch box tin and filled it with cards. She has already mentioned that she wants more cards to fill the tin back up. My husband and I just took my parents with us on our trip to Hilton Head Island last week. I have some gorgeous vacation pictures that I'm going to try to make a scrapbook in a box for her (and early Father's Day for my dad).

Joy Nicol

My mother is a missionary in Brazil. Over the years, she has been "mother" and friend to many women. She is special because she gives of herself daily--she counsels, prays with, instructs, and loves the people around her.

I usually call on Mother's Day. This year I sent her a homemade card. We will be going to visit her at the end of May!


I lost my Mom when I was 9 years old, but my Dad remarried a wonderful woman who has been a pillar in my life. I am making her a special card for Mother's Day and thanking her for being there for me!

dawn burnworth

My mom died 13 years ago today. Mothers Day is bittersweet for me. I try to keep a great attitude for my kids but it is hard. I visit my mom's grave and give her flowers. She never had enough flowers in real life. Mom's are not replaceable. Everyone give your mom an extra big hug from me who misses her mom terribly. Have a wonderful day.
Dawn B.


My Mom has always gone without and gives a lot to her three daughters and two grandkids. I always make her a card and she never wants any gifts and claims there is nothing she needs. She lives far away from me and I miss her dearly. She is my best friend and is so so generous with me. I would love to win this little piece of art. I would mail it to her. Thank you. I really enjoy your blog. You are so sweet and so talented. Happy Mother's day to you.

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