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May 18, 2007



Please make these stamps again. I bought a set last year and now cannot find them. All my friends love my set and want a set of there own. Please, Please, please make these again.


I received today (June 21) an email from Shauna (at Karen Foster Designs) saying that they will indeed be making more SNAP stamps, but that she didnt know what font or size, other than the fact that they'll likely be "the smaller ones". I wanted to share this with all of you - although likely everyone already knows this by now.
I use the stamps to outline special words in my decorated diary/journal and these are the best thing since rubber stamping became an art-form. Before this, I had to search and cut out words from magazines, or equally time-consuming, use my creative fonts and hand-cut words with an Exacto knife (no wonder I'm known as the "ransom-note'queen" around here
I wish there was a way for us to be notified as soon as they are available ...
Thank you Ellen for everything you do. I visit your blog often, though I do not leave messages - but your creativity is always inspires me.
Warm greetings from a Florida gal,


I would love to have an casual italics set. I would really like if the letters could be closer together (don't know if that's possible).

Dawn Chau

OOHHHHHH! I have just purchased my first set of Snap Stamps and then the gal told me they were being discontinued??? This can't be????!!! They are so versatile and I adore them! They are the 1st letter stamps I reach for EVERYTIME!! Please for the tireless crafters...DON'T DO THIS TO


I sent an email last week, but I have not received a response. I may not have recognized the address and deleted it if they replied. Thanks for the hope.

Michelle R

I sent an email last week, and they replied to me...twice! They wanted to know what size, and what type fonts. So maybe? ? ? ?


I just sent off an emailing asking them not to discontinue these stamps and possibly adding new fonts to chose from. I hope our efforts are answered and the snap stamps are here to stay.

Natasha Trupp

One thing I would LOVE with the snap stamps, is if they also had a "snap" on the tops and bottoms. This could let you have cool vertical messages, but also you could space multi-line messages perfectly! I think that would be amazing.

Debbie Olson

Thanks for the info. Ellen! I have e-mailed them as well. :-D

Linda Bullard

I just sent them an e-mail, Ellen. Keep up the good fight! :o) Linda


I already begged and pleaded in my e-mail to them! Ellen, if there is anything I can do to help...please let me seems you sure take a lot on! Would be more than happy to help!


Ellen I just wanted to tell you thank you for such speedy and wonderful service. I got my order today complete with my snap stamps! TY also for the cute ribbon and I loved the little card. What a great touch. I was looking forward to seeing that as I had heard you send out a TY card with every order.

Denise Rose

Hey Ellen. I too wrote them and received the same email. I mentioned you in my reply and gave your blog link so that they could ask you for suggestions too (they probably already had but I didn't want to leave you out since you are so talented and a fan of the snap stamps!). Anyway, hope it helps!

Peggy Maier

Thanks for adding more comments on the Snap Stamps - I just couldn't get by without mine. When I emailed the company I included examples of the types of fonts I would like to see: Script, some kind of handwriting & Edwardian.

Cindee Stacey

Thanks Ellen for taking this on! I'd hate to see these stamps go! They are fun and functional all in one!!
I've sent Karen Foster Design my e-mail!!


Very cool Ellen!

It might be nice to see something in a script type font. I only have the medium and small casual right now (ordered the rest from you not long ago) and I find myself gravitating more toward the smaller fonts because I am more of a card/3-D project maker. When I do more scrapbooking then I might be more inclined to use the bigger fonts more.

Jenny (penelopepitstop)

I sent an email begging them to continue the line and to add more fonts. Here's hoping that together we can make a difference

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