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April 16, 2007


Jackie P

Online is the only way to do taxes! It does all the calculations for you and will even do a state return if you have one - there are links on the IRS site to online providers. I use it ever year and I love it!

Sharon Harnist

Loved your PT samples this weekend, Ellen -- can't wait to see how you created that beautiful faux velvet ribbon!


~love it all
~unfortunately, the pt sets have to be on my wish list for now~:( and re:taxes...same boat!.. I even took an OOO day from my day job to at least file an extension but even that is going to require some paper shuffling. bleh. I'm not a procrastinate either today it's just panic. ;D


Your card is scrumptious, love the color! I hope you're able to breeze through you taxes and I'm sorry I don't have any tips. TFS.

Lisa H.

Can't wait to see how to make the velvet ribbon. TFS. Lisa

Pat S.

For me, online is the easiest way to go. Once you have all your paperwork together, you just answer a bunch of questions, and the program fills out the forms for you.

I have used both TaxAct and Tubro Tax. They were very easy to use, and very accurate.

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