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April 05, 2007


Sheila A

I am from Southern California and as my stamping friends and I claim we have SSD (Severe Stamping Disorder)lol!!! We have a group of 12 that meets once a month and I spend about 5-10 hours a week on my own depending on how much homework or commimtents my 8 year old daughter has. She has taken a liking to stamping and creates cards with me as well.


I am from Southern California and spend about 15 hours a week stamping. I spend about half my time with two different groups, one of which I run, and then do some at home also. My 14 yr. old daughter has learned the joys of stamping so it is a great thing for us to do together.

Elaine Case

Good Morning! I am from beautiful Northeastern Oregon! I stamp at least 1 hour a day, sometimes 2. I have a card making class on Monday evenings that I teach, card swap group that meets once a month and a stamping club once a month. I might have to say that I stamp more with others than by myself just because of the different groups I have going. Thank you and do have a wonderful day.


Hi Ellen;
I'm in Ontario, Canada. I spend about 1 -10 hours stamping a week...depends on the schedule and how my little girls are!! I usually stamp alone, after the girls have gone to bed. Always enjoy your blog!

Carol Ries

Hi Ellen,I was luck enough to "find" you through Debbie Olson... Yup I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan too! I enjoy all the new ideas and the terrific products. I stamp whenever I can; according to me that's not nearly often enough and according to my family it might be too much.

Daun Talbott

I live in Verona Wisconsin, just outside of Madison. I go in streaks with stamping. I try to stamp at least one day a week. I get together with friends once a month to stamp. I love reading blogs and making copies of the great cards you and many other talented ladies make and then telling myself I'm going to stamp them "tomorrow". You know about "tomorrow" though, it never comes!!!!


in Tennessee - in the foothills of the Smokies,
just before midnight Eastern time --- my first time to this blog, couldn't get through earlier.
I stamp aboutt 5 hours a week, this week more because we're on Spring Break.
Prefer stamping with friends, but work on swap projects alone.

Nancy Wallin

I live in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. I spend way too much time on SCS and reading blogs but try to either stamp or scrapbook at least 4-6 hours per week. I often stamp with friends, but do like to spend time in my own little space by myself as well.

Thanks for all that you do!



Ellen, I just love your blog and visit it almost daily. I appreciate all your insight to rubber stamping. I live in Idaho, stamp daily usually at least a couple hours a day. I find the most creative time of day is morning - early! I think it really sets the mood for my day. I usually stamp alone. Every once in a while I get to stamp with my best stamp buddy, Kim. We play really well together and help each other with our "game" - can provide inspiration, criticism, and accolades for each other.

Again, thanks for all the inspiration you provide. Lila


Hi Ellen!
I live in central Minnesota, usually stamp my Saturday's away (dang work gets in the way during the week) and although I LOVE stamping with my friends, I tend to get more done when I stamp alone. LOL
Hugs to you darlin!

Elena Lin

Hi Ellen, I live in Freehold, New Jersey. I try to get in 1-2 hours at night after the kiddies go to bed I think I end up browsing through blogs and SCS for ideas and inspiration! I usually stamp alone but occasionally I'll stamp with my friend/upline and my kids. My kids (5 & 6yo) enjoy it very much, too!
Elena Lin

Linda Webb

I live in North Eastern Maryland, I wish I could stamp more than I do, about 4 hours a week. Love going to stamp camps and stamping with friends. I have about 8 girls were I work who also stamp, we try to get together once a week and make something.

Heather Stevens

I live in Utah, I only get to stamp about once or twice a month for a few hours, and I stamp alone. It's a great way to stamp out frustrations.

Heather S.

Lynne Hurlburt

Hi Ellen: Just found your blog today and can't wait to read your archives. I live in Ontario, Canada, quite close to Niagara Falls. I spend way too much time on Splitcoast and on blogs but love reading them I get so many great ideas. A group of us get together every other week for workshops. Try to get one day a week for a get together with one of two girls. Also go to every new class I can take. Oh, lets not forget the shopping trips. Doesn't leave much time for anything else. Could this be beginners luck, as I am a newbie to these blog candies. Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

Sarah Williams

I live in Geneva, Florida, a small town northeast of Orlando. I don't stamp as much as I would like but love to look at other peoples cards. Usually about an hour a week and I stamp alone unless my sisters come into town.


I live in Marquette, Michigan. I don't stamp nearly as much as I'd like to...maybe an hour a week (gasp). If I am lucky enough to set aside time to stamp it is usually away from my home with 4-8 of my friends. It is about the only time I can get anything accomplished. Unless there is a "reason" such a birthday or anniversary, I don't stamp at home because I'll be interrupted too often.

Teri Flach

Hi Ellen...I am from Marin County in beautiful northern California. I stamp at least 10 hours a week and much of the time I am alone. However, I have a wonderful sister-in-law who shares my passion and I know that we are closer than ever because of it! We are about 1 hour apart but that doesn't stop us. I am very busy and don't have much time to spend on the internet, but, I wouldn't miss your website and view it daily. I love Lockhart's artistic stamps and I think what you do with them is simply fabulous! Thanks for all the joy and creativity you have sent my way!

Cheryl Hirzel

Hi Ellen,
I live in Michigan's beautiful snow-covered Upper Peninsula. I spend alot of time in my stamping studio.
Not counting the class time where I am prepping and teaching more than stamping, I am lucky to spend a about 4-6 hours a week on cards & projects and once in a while scrapping, mostly alone, but I do meet with friends now and then too.

Loved your watercoloring tutorial - haven't tried using the re-inkers yet, but they'll be my next attempted technique.



I'm an AF brat, but called Spokane my home for 20 years. It'll be home until we find another one. Florida ain't it.

I don't get enough time to stamp, but I enjoy a few hours once in a while. Read too many blogs!

I stamp alone, mostly, but enjoy stamping with a friend when we can and with my stamp club once a month.

Carolyn Sue Groves

Howdy from Huffman,Texas, just outside Houston. I look at stamping far more that I stamp. I stamp alone some of the time and in a group some of the time. Just as Amy said, I'm much more productive when I stamp alone. I'm too much of a busybody when we stamp in a group. :0)

salla wagner

hi ellen,
i am from the east coast and now live in WA, but as long as i can be near the ocean i will be okay. i love stamping with other people, but most of my stamping is done by my lonesome... which is nice as well!

Amy K.

I live in Nebraska, and spend 2-3 hours a week stamping. I have 2 young kids so it's a challenge sometimes, but a great sanity saver. :) I typically stamp alone, because if I am with others I am not near as productive...too many distractions.


Hello. I'm from Kentucky. Don't get to spend as much time as I would like stamping. I probably only get to spend about and hour a week.



Hi Ellen,
I am from Springfield, VA, but we are now stationed in Ontario, Canada. I spend at least an hour every day stamping, and for the most part, I stamp alone.
Thanks, Cheryl

Sarah T.

Missouri girl here. I spend approx 5-6 hrs/week. I'm actually working right now but would love to be stamping. I work full time and stamp in the evenings with my 3 year old girl Alexis who has to do everything mommy does. Thanks for everything you do to help us part-time stampers who love stamping.

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